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Do you think of yourself as a "good person?"?

Asked by jca2 (14502points) August 19th, 2022

What do you think the traits of a good person are?

Do you think of yourself as a good person?

The definition is open to your own interpretation. As this is your opinion there are no right or wrong answers.


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Total honesty, with yourself and everyone else.
Yes I do.

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In terms of going out of my way to help people, be uplifting, remember all I meet as
individual and worthy people. Yes.

Lately I am being told I am evil simply because of my politics so I am in doubt.
There is a proverb that says doubt is an evil.

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I know better. The flaws are inescapable and I am without an excuse, because I have actually bothered to attempt to reason this one through. It’s about “success” and particularly the amassing of material excesses while aware of the implications.
How much is enough?

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I try to be

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I’m a person. :)

I help a lot of people and animals with no regard to cost, social status or what anyone thinks.

On the other hand once I stop being kind or you rip me off or hurt a kid or animal, I turn ruthless.

The people behind me almost killed their puppy a few weeks ago. Leaving him in record heat with no shelter, water he knocked over, and a huge chain he got tangled up in. He had it wrapped around his neck so tight we barely saved him.
I personally talked to them 3x nicely, the last she cussed me out. So one day the next week the dog disappeared never to be seen again-in this town.

So yeah, I’m just a person. Good is a subjective opinion.

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One of the best.

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I’m usually neutral. I pick my battles, and keep to myself. I take cabs wherever I go outside.

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I think most people are good.
I know I’m good because my intentions are good/neutral.

If I’m in some situation where I’m able to take advantage of you, I’m not going to because I simply don’t feel the need to.
I have stuff of my own, so I don’t need to take from others.

My ego is in check, so I don’t care about being insulted or defending my honor or reputation because I already know if someone felt the need to attack me, if would be from their own perceived issues in their own head.

I just don’t have any reason to enter into conflict with anyone I guess.

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Yes, I believe I am.

and on that note, let me just say: YOU GO @KNOWITALL!!! you’re my hero!!!

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@smudges It was on the back side of MY fence dying, like 7 month old white pibble boy.
They had no hope against 4 homegirls on a rescue. Ha!

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^^ awwwww {{hugs}} May the universe bless you!

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I try to be and I’m confident I’m not an evil person so…close enough.

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I feel like a kitten among wolves sometimes, but I want to be good and help others whenever I can. I don’t even like swear words or saying bad things about anyone. I know I’m far from perfect but I do keep trying to do right.

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I see myself as someone who tries to live in the positive lane in the life trip. I stray sometimes.

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I think it’s more significant whether other people see me as a good person than what I deem myself.

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Nope. I’m a piece of work. But at least I’ll admit it. “We are as God made us, and oft times a good deal worse”. Anonymous

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OFF COURSE I do- I’m one bitchin’-ass dude!

If you doubt me, just ask my cell mate!

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It’s something that I try, to always see in the mirror.
But. It’s a constant work of progression, and recession.

I follow my code.But. I have never loved myself. I feel like all of the ingredients are here. But. I have yet to put it all together.and love myself, for being. I’m still young/ish. Still trying.

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But I’m honest.

Okay I’m lying.

But admitting that doesn’t make me bad.

Or good.

Just human, and I can live with that.

As long as there’s no math.

Because a truly good person doesn’t need to be a genius.

They can get by on their looks and money.

I think if I was really beautiful I’d be rich.

It just hasn’t worked out that way.


A good person wouldn’t really care, though.

And not caring is easy for me.

So maybe that’s it.

I’m a good person because I don’t care.

I feel better now.

Thanks for asking.

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@MrGrimm888 Good to hear from you, buddy!!! Hope you’re doing better.

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^^ what she said

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@JLoon I’m only ‘human’ Morgan James cover

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@WhyNow – Damn! That gurl sings like a Good Person.

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@JLoon May I give you a really good Morgan James? Just one.

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@WhyNow – “Giving a good Morgan James” is now in my bedroom vocabulary ;P

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@JLoon Will not touch that!

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I might…

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@rebbel – Be good.

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If I can fill in what giving a “Morgan James” is, I think I’ll manage.

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I’m still waiting on a donor.
Maybe. If I were a “good person. ”........

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@Brian1946 from what I know about you, I guess you weren’t there on purpose :)

@MrGrimm so glad to see you here! There are people here me at least who totally think you are a good person :)

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Thanks Mimi .

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@JLoon As good as the girl in my link?

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@Zaku – We’re talking a different level of gooderness.

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I try to to be and think of myself as a good person, even if I don’t always feel it.

It’s how you treat others, and the world around you, kind of thing.

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