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What is the true meaning of Purity Rings?

Asked by acrossdarkwinds (69points) September 19th, 2008

I know it has something to do with sex, and marriage but is it really religious? Does it mean the wearer must not have any sexual intimacy? Do they really have to wait until marriage?

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Is just a novelity, like the livestrong wrist bands…

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isn’t there a website where they explain it? there must be.

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I knew a young woman once who had given herself to a fellow long before it was time to be married…later she made the decision to wear a purity ring much like an engagement ring as a constant reminder of her celebacy before finding the right man to marry…she wanted to give him the new purer version of herself and her love….

I knew another woman (missionary) who before purity rings were around chose not even to TOUCH her future husband the whole time they were courting (dating) for the sake of purity…she had a very strong marriage and big big love for this man until he died…

Hope that helps some….remember purity is a mind state…you might work at wearing the purity round your heart rather than your finger….peace…

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Capitalism. Can you say Kabbalah string? Awareness bracelets (as flameboi pointed out)?
Awareness ribbons?

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As tanibear says the meaning can vary from person to person. Although the movement started as a Christian movement, it is now more generalized and not directly associated with church. At the crux, the wearer is publicly displaying a symbol that he or she chooses to be celibate until marriage.

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OK, so this is coming from a Christian. I’m supposed to support stuff like that, right?!

Honestly, it gets really annoying to me. I go to Taylor University (a Christian school) and I swear more than half of non-engaged girls have a ring on their left ring finger. I’m sure it’s all cool and right for them, but seriously, the God they believe in isn’t a polygamist. I’m pretty sure they all can’t be engaged to him at once. :)

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It means that the person wearing the ring wants everyone to know that s/he has vowed to have no sex until marriage.

It is not a sign that they are not out screwing everything that will hold still long enough, mind you. It is also not a sign that the wearer will not creatively redefine “sex” to include things s/he does not want to do, while allowing everything that s/he does want to do.

It is just a PR statement, and should be taken as such.

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The true meaning is to reassure a girl’s father that that girl will not be anything like any of the women that the father had sex with before he was married. It’s also less uncomfortable for the father than having to have the condom or birth control talk.

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Purity rings are worn by men and women who take a vow to remain celibate till they are married. However, there is no compulsion associated with the ring and the wearer must decide whether he or she wants to honor the vow it signifies.

This trend of wearing purity rings originated in the United States and was started by various Christian-affiliated sexual abstinence groups in the early 90’s.

Personally, I feel that it’s a good trend. Under the Bush administration, organizations that promoted abstinence and encouraged teens to sign virginity pledges or wear purity rings had received federal grants.

Considering how easy it is for young, impressionable minds to be bent towards sin in the internet age, I think that more organisations and governments around the world should take such measures.

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Purity? Since when is nasty sex impure?

As far as I can tell, purity rings indicate girls who will let a guy put it in her mouth and butt, but not their vagina.

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