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Anyone know a good Rails book?

Asked by jen (1points) September 19th, 2008
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Ruby on Rails?

This is the best you will probably get.

I hate Ruby on Rails. I love Ruby. But I hate Rails. If this is for a job get the book I suggested. If you just want to learn a MVC framework look elsewhere. Django or CakePHP are good starts.

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That aforementioned book be th’ defacto standard for yer question.

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Did you mean this?

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there has to be reason for hating ROR…. I never tried django but had some taste of CakePHP and feel that ROR is superior than CakePHP

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Let me start by saying that I love Ruby. I love Gems. I just find shat RoR scales poorly. Even a simple app on my local machine feels slow. Look at Twitter a RoR app. And Digg is PHP. I would like and use and love Rails if it scaled and even was somewhat snappy on small sites.

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