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What poet said “The only ship certain to come in has black sails” and what does it mean to you?

Asked by freguarUK (351points) 3 months ago

For me, this phrase means that with friends or alone, the angels of fate can forsake you, and you will be forced to give up.
It reminds me of life fragility.

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It means death.

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That saying came from a 2007 Woody Allen movie Cassandra’s Dream. I’ve never seen that movie & I don’t know in what context Woody meant it to be.

I see “the ship with the black sails” to be the ship of death…or loss. The ONLY certainty in life is that we are born to die & death will be coming for us…or we will lose a friend or family member in our lifetime. We will miss them terribly for a while & then the good memories kick in & we remember the good times that we shared & we can smile once again!!!

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When my ship comes in, with my luck, I’ll be at the bus station. 8^\

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It’s also a response to the phrase “my ship is coming in” which means you are expecting something good to happen. The response means you can’t be certain of anything except death.

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