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If you had to kill in order to live forever, would you choose your death or the death of others?

Asked by bodyhead (5520points) September 19th, 2008

This was inspired by the live forever question that regressed into a movie discussion.

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Ermmm…this question presupposes that I do want to live forever?

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My death. IU do not want to live forever.

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My death, I wouldn’t know what to do with the rest of time, with everybody around me dying. And that’s not even considering I wouldn’t even be able to kill someone.

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My death. I’d rather not live here on this earth forever. Well that and I don’t think I could kill somebody else to sustain my life. It’s like Gladiator, except I can’t fight like Maximus.

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well if we get rid of the forever bit…I would kill to survive without a second thought.

But as mentioned earlier I don’t want to live forever.

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I guess I’ll have to stay behind to tell the aliens that we in fact did not worship toilets.

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what is going on? why am I talking like a pirate against my will? I want to die. Kill ME!

ah…that was a trick. thank goodness.

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If I were given the chance for immortality in exchange for killing others, I would pass.
Sorry, I’m retarded about semantics and had to reword it for myself before I could give you an answer.

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Never got in to the whole vampire thing…..

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lots of folks need killin.

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Also, would you get to pick the people who had to die?
I’m guessing that might affect people’s answers?

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I would be like a female version of dexter….

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Cheeb: Nice.

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No one would want to live forever.
No one who thought about the question for more than 5 seconds would want to live forever.

why you ask?

OK, let’s say you could live 200 years, no 500 years, no 1000 years, or 5000 years or 10000 years or 50000 years of 100000 years or 500000 years or 1000000 years….

you would be able to experience every single thing a human being could experience, and do every single thing a human being can do. you would EVENTUALLY want to know what the F*CK happens when you DIE (or D.i.e. in non pirate slang)

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I would never wish to physically harm another human being, who had not physically harmed me, or someone about whom I care.

So, given your hypothetical situation, I would not kill anyone, to prolong my own life.

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We do live forever already. Read the Bhagavad Gita. The body dies but the soul lives on. You don’t have to kill anyone in order for this to happen. I have not seen the movie that this question is based on. The question being raised is selfishness vs. altruism. In a book I am reading, The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner, he seems to say so far that happiness comes from being able to trust others. So if you kill for eternal life, you couldn’t trust anyone, and would thus be unhappy. Not a good trade. I am reading the live preview of my contribution, and it is coming out weird, not as I am typing it.

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Yea this question wasn’t based on a movie or vampires. It’s just a simple question.

@everclear318, You might live forever but when I die, I rot in a box in the ground. I can offer you more proof then you can offer me. Just dig me up when I die and I promise I’ll be nothing more then a dead bloated body.

Police kill. The army kills. Does that make them untrustworthy?

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I dont trust police….

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It would depend if I liked the other people or not.

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I would kill and kill and kill. I want to see the end of the show…

But it would be more Dexter Morgan than Kurt Barlow.

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