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How do you put a DVD on an iPod?

Asked by gooch (5734points) August 6th, 2007

Does anyboby know a way to get a movie from a DVD I purchased onto my ipod (preferably for free) ?

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there are some free software that lets you do this like
but i havent personally tested any one of them

the one that i know works for sure and is really good is
Cucusoft DVD to iPOD converter
if you dont want to pay for cucusoft, just get the pirated version thats available over the torrents

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MediaFork/Handbrake is a good choice. Free also. No need to steal.

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I place my iPod on the table. Then I take the DVD out of the case and rest it so that it perches atop the iPod.

(I'm sorry, I couldn't resist).

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Thanks so much for the info. Loving handbrake right now. tried it last night and was soooo happy. I have a 6 hr flight soon and now I will have entertainment. Godfather Iⅈ.

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Funny andrew!

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