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Is there something in your life that you would like to go back and change if you had one wish granted to do so?

Asked by RayaHope (7448points) September 2nd, 2022

I can take it.

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Oh boy.

There’s so many to pick from, but the thing is is that you just can’t predict the long-term consequences of any action.

A lot of life is just dumb luck.

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Clarification on the date that we were born.
Twins but three different days.

Could be one twin born before midnight and the other after, but what of the third date?

Its never been clarified and when my sister and I checked with the Hospital archives records clerk she refused to give us any information “unless” we tell her whether we are twin “A” or Twin “B”..which was ridiculous since we were both standing there together asking?

Possible problem was at that time in 1948 my late mother and Father sent us directly to a Convent for care as we were vastly underweight and needed expert health care of which was not available then.

The Head hospital archivist assumed that we were adopted and chose to keep everything confidential even to the present !

We on our own took one day and the other.

(In case before midnight/after midnight scenario).

Another consideration years later was perhaps there was “third” child (triplets?) that died at birth?

It remains a Mystery .

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The thing I’d most like to have tried doing over, I think would have massively changed my entire adult life.

So I’m not sure I’d really do it. Wasn’t sure then either . . . that was why I didn’t do it, but I regret not having tried, in a way.

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@Inspired_2write That is a perplexing predicament, I hope you can find your answer.
@Zaku You gave me a cliffhanger. Now I want to know what that was…

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My grandmother and I were once accused of making a call to one of my co-workers wives and reporting to her that her husband might be cheating on her. I would go back and bring the issue up to the entire company, with the names of the actual people who did it, including the co-worker who didn’t reveal what he knew about it. (I couldn’t do that at that time because I didn’t know who it was. Who were the guilty party?? The branch manager and his wife!)

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You never know if changing the past would make the future better…or worse. I have lots of things that I might change, beginning with not being put up for adoption, not being in the foster home I was in, not being adopted by the folks who adopted me…you get the picture. I could go on and on, as could pretty much everyone.

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@smudges Sometimes when I was younger, I wished I was adopted :(

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Oh dang. Someone would have to bring that up after all these years. At one time there was, many years ago before I met my wife. I had had a previous girlfriend whom I can honestly and unequivocally say I was in love with. But she was constantly after me to get married and I had a major fear of commitment at that stage of my life. Even after she married another guy (only because he had got her preggers and her parents forced the issue), she was always calling me and wanting me to come get her and her toddler out of there. But I wasn’t up for getting shot messing with another guys wife. Anyway as years wore on I had serious regrets and I’ll even say heart pangs for not putting a ring on her finger myself. Or at least going to get them out of that situation. I honestly loved her that much would have risked my life for her and her baby. But life happened, I met my wife and we had our own family and I put all of that behind me. Now and then I’ll still run across someone who knows her or knew her, and they say Oh, she me about you!! I usually respond with, well nothing good I’m sure so I’d rather not hear about it. To late in the game for guilt tripping.

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@RayaHope Lots of people do. And even more animals do! ;\

I don’t regret being adopted. I don’t know anything else, and it probably was best in the long run because my bio mother was only 15. She had no siblings and her mom had died from ovarian cancer that year. Her uncle took advantage of her – jeez, she was just a kid without a mom. :`( But it is what it is.

Anyway, I’ve met her and we call a couple of times a year. It’s ok. In 50 years she kept me in mind, had a quiet moment on my birthday, and told her family about me. That’s all I could ask for. But it’s the people who raised me from 13 mos. old who are my parents and always will be.

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I would like to have never been a truant, or late, and had perfect attendance for school, university and work.

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I wish that I had never dated this woman in university. We turned the campus into a toxic environment. I should have focused on my studies.

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I would not have left New England.

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