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Is it too late for facebook?

Asked by meesh219 (4points) September 19th, 2008

I don’t have a facebook account… I am 25 and I always hear others at work or school talking about facebook… part of me doesn’t think I could put together a clever or cute facebook page, I don’t think I would have many friends, and I don’t want people to judge me… On the other hand I want to get to know these people and get invited to cool things to do… what do you think?

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just do it lol. you dont have to put up any pictures if you dont want to. no one will judge you. you might as well just try it and see! its not too late my mum is 39 and shes just opened one!

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Save yourself.

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I think there is more to your question than whether facebook is for you. If you decided to have a page I’m sure it’d be brilliant, I think if you put yourself out there in the real world you’d find yourself included in more activities and getting to know new people would be a cinch.

You sound like a really nice person, good luck with it.

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There isn’t really anything to “put together”-that’s the beauty of Facebook vs. MySpace (although MySpace has templates now)...IAC, just do it, and you’ll see that very little needs to be done beyond filling in personal info, and then surf away!

Try joining some groups based on your interests-a great way to dive in without getting too personal with anyone up-front.

P.S. I just signed up this summer, and am 35 years old…no worries!

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No, it’s not. There are plenty of 20, 30, and 40somethings (maybe older) getting facebook. Just do it. I’ll be your friend!

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if you reallllyy want ocd get one .. lol

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Fakebook is lame.

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Facebook isn’t like MySpace where you have a lot of options to customize the look of your page. So the “clever” or “cute” issue isn’t really an issue. It’s easy to try it, and then decide if you want to say on or not.

I have a bunch of friends who only check their account a couple of times a month or so. Others are on there several times a day. There really aren’t any rules about how “into it” you have to be, and people won’t judge you by how much time you spend on there, or how many friends you have.

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Renaistre, you took the words out of my mouth!

It’s not that hard to set up, meesh. There’s really not that much emphasis on how many friends you have either, so I would say go for it!

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