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Have you ever seen a dead body?

Asked by flutherother (34662points) September 5th, 2022

Who was it and what were the circumstances?

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I found a severed arm when I was 4 years old.

I’ve seen family members in funeral homes that have passed.

I witnessed my grandfathers death from insulin injection overdose.

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I witnessed my father in law die in the ICU. And I have seen a few at open casket funerals, but those are getting less common these days.

I also witnessed a suicide when a man jumped from the top of a building onto the stage during a concert. His body was not covered for a good half an hour while paramedics were called and then worked on him.

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Just a couple of relatives at funerals, oh and one under a sheet at a motor vehicle accident.

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I assume you mean bodies outside of a normal funeral.
Yes. Both from auto accidents.
One was a senior citizen whose car was broadsided in the driver’s door by another car that was doing about 60 MPH. He was killed instantly, crushed between the driver’s door and his wife who was seated next to him. (She wasn’t hurt.) The driver’s door was left hanging on the bumper of the other car.
The other was a 18 year old girl who had just graduated from high school and was headed somewhere on the freeway. She lost control of the car, it rolled, and she was ejected. I remember seeing the car in the median, upside down, personal belongings strewn all over the place, with the seatbelts hanging down.

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Yes. My dad died at home when I was 17. I was with my mom at the hospital when she died.
I found a guy that I was dating dead after killing himself. I was 25 and that affected me for years.

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I found a poor dead cat beside the road and I buried him right where I found him. I was crying the whole time. And when I walk by I always say hi to him and tell him I’m thinking of him :(

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Not to be a wiseguy but like my ex wife while making love?

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My husband died in his sleep. Made for an unnerving morning!!!
Both of my grandparents & both my parents at the funeral home.
Where I live, open casket is expected unless the body was mangled.
My dog managed to pull himself to my front porch & he was laying there with his foot on the door as if he had been trying to get in to say goodbye.
My favorite cat died in my arms while looking at me.
Several other cats & dogs over the years.

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@WhyNow I guess your foreplay and love making doesn’t make a woman come alive.

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I’m not getting emotional…I’m not getting emotional…I’m…

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^^ It’s OK!!! I dealt with all that 11–15 years ago except for the dog. He was old & crippled, so he’s NO longer in pain which gives me some comfort!!!

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Many times. But I work in an ICU so…

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Just funerals, and watched grandfathers last breath. Do not recommend.

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A few funerals, pets, and when I was training in a hospital for Medical Technology, the pathologist asked 3 of us if we wanted to assist him in an autopsy. That was different! Educational. Eye-opening. Somewhat jarring.

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Assisted in a couple autopsies.
And in the ER when the doctors gave up and when to lunch.

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Been to about 30 open casket funerals.

Was in the hospital room when my uncle, grandmother, and another uncle died.

My daughter used to go to my mother in law’s after school. She would hang out with her uncle’s dog, who lived on the third floor. Massive American bulldog. One afternoon, she found him dead upstairs, freaked out and called me. She was about 8. I flew there from work, wrapped the dog in a blanket, and had to carry his 100lb. Body down three flights of stairs to my car.

When I was about seven, there was a car accident at the end of my street. Me and a few kids rode our bikes and were first on the scene. One drives was dazed. The other was very dead. Glass everywhere. Lots of blood and other fluids. We stood there, staring at the body until a cop arrived and shooed us away.

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When I was about 16 on a school trip I saw someone how had been hit by a high speed train. Made me think of Bishop in Aliens…

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Outside of funerals I have a few times. One was a person who collapsed while hiking. We were nearby when it happened and tried CPR for over an hour that it took first responders to arrive. It was one of the most exhausting things I have ever done and I was helped by another person who would rotate in when I got tired. We knew it was too late but kept trying anyway.

The other times were both motorcycle crashes I came up on at a particularly busy/dangerous road that people like to ride on.

We also had a cadaver in biology class.

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I was present when my mother in law died on a hospital bed. One moment she was alive though very ill and not responding and the next she had gone. Without any single thing apparently changing she suddenly became a lifeless husk. In that moment life seemed a miracle.

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Well in my college biology class we took a field trip to see cadavers. There were people wrenching and fainting all over the place.
It didn’t bother me. I just wondered about them and their lives.

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Caravanfan took me to the cadaver room at his medical school and have me grab a kidney that had been cut free from the body. I had scanned the room for available sinks “just in case”, but I didn’t barf.

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^^ omg! You know each other! How cool!

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Where did you find the arm @RedDeerGuy??

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@Dutchess_III under a tree outside. Next to home. It was a white man’s arm.. no one believed me. I grabbed it and held in my arms. I got my mom and we could not find it.

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How old were you?

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