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Do you love glitch?

Asked by helena (239points) August 6th, 2007

Wonderful music is like an aphrodisiac, isn't it? You fall in love with life all over again. And glitch is so different than anything else. I would love to hear how this music affects others. For me, it must be what Buddhist monks talk about with meditation--it changes my entire physiology. I feel nothing but tranquility and energy at the same time. It is too difficult to describe. Does anyone else have this experience? What artists do you listen to?

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prefuse 73
machine drum
and old skool: squarepusher!

Any others?...I too feel the music in its abstract has transcendental-like qualities...what artists/streams r u into?

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Thank you sndfreg, I will check these new groups out if I can find them. I have noticed that almost all of this music is played live and if you're lucky the DJ / composer gives out a copy at the event. I've been getting into False Profit, Rennie Pilgrim and Alva Noto. I would love to start a collection because when friends and family come over who haven't heard glitch, they love it so much and I want to share it with them. Where do you find your music?

It is so funny to look at the adverts that pop up with this post, no? Angels in the architecture... too funny. I'm not at all the New Agey type, either!

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just ck'd out ur post...haven't heard of those DJs but hv a few DJ friends who r into that and other related stylez...will hollr back if i get any cool rec's thx 4 the props and info! peace :)

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Thanks, sndfreq, you are the best!

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sound is the access dimension between the spiritual dimension and the physical dimension

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also check out a label called Morr Music fron europe or of course... Schematic records

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For transcending everyday routine, I love to listen to “Starlight” by Freezepop or “Sandstorm” by DaRude. I will certainly listen to Glitch though! Thanks ^_^

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