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Do you know there is a children’s book to teach children about Trump?

Asked by JLeslie (63077points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

What the f**k?!

My husband just called me saying he saw two commercials advertising this Children’s book.

My husband could barely finish a sentence about how Hitler-esque, and also named a few other dictators who indoctrinate the children from a young age.

Just wow.

Here’s an article

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OMG!!! Holy Crap! I know I’m against book banning but this…wow I may have to reconsider.

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There’s a bunch of em. Check out shyster (soon to be convict) Kash Patel’s “Plot Against the King”.

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Lol. Guaranteed the people who write and read these books would never consider them “indoctrination” even though that’s exactly what it is. Just like how they’re convinced Fox News isn’t “mainstream media”.

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Yeah, Bozo, the clown.

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I imagine it is in the Horror Fiction department.

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These will sell mostly for gag gifts. Those wonderful Christmas exchanges of lunacy.

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Yikes. Cult—ivating young minds.

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Words fail me and they seemed to fail Mike Huckabee too as he had to get his “team” to create this piece of crap.

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Must been written by Joseph Goebbels !

Paul Joseph Goebbels was a German Nazi politician who was the Gauleiter of Berlin, chief propagandist for the Nazi Party, and then Reich Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945.

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I am sure it will be just as factual and honest as what North Korea teaches its citizens about Kim Jong Il.

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Right. ^^^ Selling right alongside children’s stories of Jesus, is it?

A few generations from now, it’ll be a bizarre collectors’ item. Meanwhile, who’s making money off it? Who do you think?

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I was disappointed to hear about this but I went on amazon and saw that the books that are anti trump are actually selling a lot better. If you give a Pig a White House and Trumpty Dumpty, Lewser, Yuge, Dumpty and quite a few from the writer of Doonesbury.

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Yes indeed. Stiff cobwebbed conservatism is hopelessly outmatched in any enterprise where wit is a requirement. Just try to envision anything more ripe for ridicule than Trump.

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But it is the liberals that want to indoctrinate children.
Remember, kids:
Every accusation is a confession.

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If you want some real chuckles, take a peek at the reviews.

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The biography section of your local library might blow your mind.

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They advertise it as a FREE kids guide, but then you get roped into purchasing more, including a subscription that you can “cancel at any time.”

Here the commercial:

Here’s the website if you want to order it:

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Sounds like a sick joke. These people are out of their minds.

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Money all going “Stop the Steal” and Mike Huckabee forever . . . . .

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It’s the second book in the series. First one was “Fun Times: Hermann Göring for Kids!”.

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I will admit I need help with something here… I read and watched the links.

What is the indoctrination? Patriotism? That could be horrible, how dare anyone
be allowed allowed to love their country?

Does the book coerce children to do something?

Who is Mike Huckabee and why is he important? Are children forced to read
this book?

Is it because Trump is so bad that his name must banned?

I am keeping an open mind.

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@WhyNow When you teach children to celebrate one man above our Nation that is indoctrination. It is how despots start. It is what Kim Jung Un does. He is the Nation. There is no North Korea without him. That is indoctrination. Right now there is a war on books. All kinds of books are being banned. Republicans want to do away with science, sex ed, anything about acceptance of people who are different and replace most knowledge with Trumpism and white nationalism, and Christian faith. They want to rewrite what happened in the Civil war and anything that makes them look bad, like trying to steal an election.
Absolutely not a problem to teach children to love their nation. But never should a man or a party be the source of that loyalty. They even want to make the nation all Christian for now but without any of the Christian values. It’s just used to teach children to hate others and to punish those who don’t think like them. That is indoctrination. They are following Hitler’s script. Start with the children. Keep them ignorant of facts and truth and teach them lies till it becomes their truth and then you have an army to keep Trump and Republicans in power and squash those who actually believe in our Democracy.
The bible has been used for centuries to start wars and kill people. History is repeating. Its not enough to oppose those who disagree. You must raise killers.

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@Pandora Well stated.

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If only there were such a book. (for adults as well as children)

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