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What amps you up too much that you have decided to not do it anymore?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24184points) September 7th, 2022

For me it’s chess. I take it too seriously.

Humor welcome:

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Occasionally, upon reading an article or something, I let myself seduce to click a link to Twitter; it never fails to highly disappoint, and anger me.
I think it’s one of the worst expressions of social media.

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Drinking coffee and closely following the news.

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Great music at zumba. I tend to go overboard with my 49 year old body but it’s hard to resist.

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@rebbel Yeah, I clicked on a clickbait article last week, and it was about the worst I’ve seen, where the title had tempted with some story, and then the actual page just told a little bit about the story, and then wanted another click to see the next part, and would only keep re-explaining the lead-up to the story, and/or the mindset of the people in ways we already knew from the title, and just kept doing that for like 20+ teasing clicks to get the next pointless setup paragraph, never getting to the actual part promised in the original clickbait. It made me more and more hostile to the writer, to the point that I wanted to get someone to track them down and inflict great suffering upon them.

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A few years ago I stopped watching any TV based News. Their slant is way too biased.

I tried stopping to play in Volleyball leagues to not kill my knees. I however can’t slay that beast yet. Love the amp that game gives to me. I am wired for several hours after the games are over.

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Drinking more than one coffee a day and closely following the news.

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I try not to worry about finances too much.
@RedDeerGuy1 Accepting losses in Chess is part of maturing in the game. It means you have an opponent to learn from.

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@Blackwater_Park Last time I was in school chess, I got mad and played the earthquake move. I still won overall, but after I only would play with family and friends. I still have my grade 9 trophy next to me television in my living room.

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Busting my PB on each & every run…take it easy mister rabbit.

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Worrying about the state the world is in.

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Oh nice timing, There is a jelly here that really AMPS me up to the moon! God, he makes me so mad grrrr.

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^^^ Who could it be? ~

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^^ I can’t say here, but boy does he need a knuckle sammich!

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^^ Awww…bwess your wittle heart, you only have one. joke!

<picturing you giving someone a knuckle sammich!> :D

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@smudges Like a kitten swatting a fly. :)

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^^ But watch out for those claws! They can rip you open. I _know!__

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I can no longer drink coffee in the evening because it has a bad effect on my sleep. I can drink it in the morning or early afternoon, and that’s about it.

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