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Am I crazy because I want to go on an African Safari?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) September 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m planning my next big vacation with my friends. They want to do the same old beach thing. I want to go on safari . They say I’m crazy… What’s so crazy about it? As long as we do our research and find a reputable tour company, I can’t find anything crazy about the idea. Can you? What am I missing?

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Do it. I will…someday. It probably won’t be a relaxing vacation, not like the beach at least. But think of the culture, the animals, the chance to experience an entirely different way of life from the one you live.

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Actually, no. South Africa has some amazing ecology, wildlife, beaches, wineries, scenery and more. It is a very popular vacation destination. maybe your friends could get behind a combo safari-beach vacation. I just wrote about all the great things to see and do there. Here is one article on it.

The safari business is sustainable and keeps the wildlife safer from poachers.

Have a wonderful time!

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I agree! I think it would be an experience of a lifetime! How do I convince my friends that it’s not dangerous? Maybe I need new friends… Tiny, Marina, you down for a safari?

I think they’re just lame. They want to lay in the sun and I want adventure. They think a lion is going to eat them.

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If we start planning now, for next year, I might be able to swing it. The wife would have to come too, of course.

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I have so much literature… That would be crazy! Hey, people do it all the time right? I mean, hook up on a website for travel partners?

Most of these tour companies look for groups anyway….

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We can chat about Buffy and watch some shows on the plane.

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That’s funny because that’s what we would probably do….

I heard of one place (a spot on the safari) that asks for your animal preferences before you go to sleep. If your prefered animal should show up while you’re asleep they wake you up so you can see it. How crazy is that. I want to see an elephant up close!

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A safari sounds great…if its a photo shoot and not the other kind of shoot

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I did it! 3 years ago. It was vastly expensive, but we weren’t kids, so we went for some comfort. In point of fact it can be quite spacey while you’re driven along in a truck, because there’s no guarantee you will see the “Big Three”: lions, leopards, and I forget the other one. You’ll see elephants, they’re everywhere. (Maybe the other of the “Big Three” is rhinos.) We didn’t see any of those three things. What we saw were hippos, many kinds of antelope, Cape buffalo, zebras, jackals, hyenas (oooooh – in the wild they’re gorgeous), little things called Bush Babies, a cheetah with 2 cubs, and hundreds of birds. Elephants and lots of giraffes; ostriches. This was in Botswana.

Get the BRADT Travel Guides to Botswana, Zambia, S Africa, Kenya, Tanzania… or cruise through the guides in the store. Do a LOT of research!! It makes a difference.

In terms of safety, it’s not in the best interests of the tour companies to have their clients eaten, so they’re very careful with you. If you want stories, I’ll tell more in private – I don’t want to bore everyone else. But even your beach lovers
would enjoy this. There’s a lot of downtime in the evenings watching what they call “bush TV”, which means sitting around a campfire talking with the guides, and drinking really terrible cordials (and beer). Now that’s a good time.

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@susan, thanks for the info. I will be in touch if/when I’m planning the trip for real.

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My daughter went to Botswana and Zambia a few years ago. Her father arranged a deluxe trip with all the logistics taken care of, which is nice if you can afford it. She had a wonderful time. One venue had cabins on pontoons in the middle of a lake; every morning a staff member rowed over a large pitcher of hot water for ablutionsl

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If you wish to do something and it is (1) Legal and (2) Affordable, then I say, go ahead and do it, and have fun.

Life is ultimately just too short, to NOT do what you wish to do.

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What?! You want to go on a walkabout? Don’t do it!
You will end up on some island with a polar bear!

But, seriously. That sounds amazing.

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That’s amazing, do it!

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You are fine. It’s your friends who need some re-conditioning. Why do they use the word “crazy”? Go! What you are missing is Africa. (So are they.)

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@gail. they are afraid of being eaten by lions…...kidding.
They are concerned with disease, bugs and shots/vaccines, etc.

Also, we recently watched “Ganga Queen” on HBO (I highly recommend) and they are very afraid of the government in other countries.

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Concerned about getting them?
Or concerned about them not working?

Ganga Queen. Haha…that probably wasn’t the best part of your campaign.

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@nimis, true. Ganga Queen…bad idea.

Off topic: Everyone should watch Ganga Queen!

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Sorry, I should have provided the link to Ganga Queen
Wondering if anyone else if aware of this. Perhaps it should be a question.

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What about area as is Kenya,The plans of Serengety.That is nice trip.

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