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Can insurance cover fines?

Asked by AsksQuestions (114points) September 9th, 2022

I checked the search engine and can’t seem to find good answers. It seems a company can buy insurance to cover fines and penalties. What about an individual?

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Not that I’ve ever heard of and I worked in insurance.

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Usually not.
Can you be specific? Car, Home, moving, non-moving, towing?

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As a general rule, one cannot insure illegal behavior.

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@zenvelo ^^^^ Best answer !! ^^^^

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@zenvelo I don’t think there was any reference to something being illegal. A parking ticket is not illegal. Illegal is a reference to a criminal offense, not a civil offense.

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@Forever_Free A parking ticket is a violation of an ordinance, a breaking of a law. In other words, illegal. Just because it is not a misdemeanor or a felony does not make it “legal”. And civil offenses are also illegal.

One cannot insure against possible fines for things like dumping toxic chemicals in waterways, or letting electrical connections deteriorate to the point of causing a wildfire.

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@zenvelo We are talking semantics here. You brought up illegal. The term illegal is not connected with a parking ticket or town ordinance.
Letting electrical connections deteriorate or a dead tree to fall on a house is not Illegal.
The word is called being irresponsible. There are laws and fines associated with toxic dumping. In this case there are laws that make it illegal.
We still have no idea what the OP was referring to, so the use of the word illegal is an unknown here.

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@Forever_Free It doesn’t matter. He asked about insurance for an individual paying fines. There is not likely to be any protection for that.

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@janbb My initial point was that we needed more information. Making a statement of something being illegal without know that full question is a leap to it being an illegal act.

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Zenvelo, people receive fines for many things that are not illegal. Private entities often fine members for specific behaviors or lack of required behaviors.

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No. It’s on you.

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