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Do you think Michael Caine was thinking about this?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 19th, 2008

In that scene in Dark Knight, when he was telling “The Batman” that Diamond story, do you think Michael Caine was thinking about the movie he made with Demi Moore?
Flawless was the movie btw

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I think Andrew can answer this better than I, but it has been my experience (knowing as many professional actors, as I do), that when an actor is performing a scene, his/her mind is on the scene and dialogue, and not much else.

It takes a tremendous amount of concentration to do a scene and do it right, and you just cannot allow other thoughts to occupy your mind, at that moment.

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Also, remember that the moment in the Demi Moore film was one day in a long life and a long career in film for him. I would bet that that film is a dim memory – even though it was fairly recent – if he ever even saw it. He is much more likely drawing on other moments in his long life. Remember, everything we know about him ads up to no more than maybe a week in his whole life.

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I am assuming that the movie to which you are referring, is Blame It On Rio, released in 1984.

I thought Michelle Johnson was perfect in it, and looked fantastic, when naked.

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@jack The movie he was referring to was Flawless It says so in the question

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Damn! My error & my apologies.

Next time, I guess I should try reading the details with BOTH of my eyes.

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