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What would you rename the Corvette?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) September 12th, 2022 from iPhone

Chevy decides to change the Corvette’s name. They ask the public for recommendations. What would you call it instead?

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First, it’s not gonna happen – Ever.

In over 60 years the name and the image have acquired too much associated value to just toss out. In fact GM renewed the trademark for Corvette in June, and is also seeking to register brand designations for ‘Vette submodels like the C8 and yes, the ERay.

But in the bizarro universe where it did actually happen and it was all up to me, I’d call it the Feelix Vandermollen.

Because… why not.

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Cary McCarface.

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The Midlife Crisis

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“second mortgage”

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It’s not going to happen, but I will play the game.


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The Phallovette

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The Compensator.

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Stingray. (Natch!)

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I think Stingray works

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“Man’s Best Friend”

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Phallic Powermobile

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The Chevy Freudster

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