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I have an invitation to visit a friend who recently moved to Reykjavík, Iceland. Have any Flutherers ever visited/lived there, and if so, can you advise me of things I might wish to see there?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 19th, 2008

I have heard many wonderful things about Reykjavík and the friendly, Icelandic people, as well as how they use geothermal sources underground, to naturally heat their homes and businesses, during the winter months (when I might be travelling there).

Also, do you have any experience with flying as a passenger on Icelandair? I always prefer to fly into a country, aboard the national airline.

I have also heard that Icelandic women are among the most beautiful, in the world. True?

Thanks for any advice/information you can offer me. No definite plans have been made; I’m just considering my friend’s offer to visit a place I have never before seen.

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There’s a chapter about Iceland in The Geography of Bliss.

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i havent been there, but apparently its a beautiful country. also, Reykjavik is one of the only urban areas in the country, and almost everything outside of it is not comparable to the city. im not sure about this though, just through articles i find and travel magazines. there was also an article regarding iceland’s hydroelectricity dilemma in a national geographic a few months ago.

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I’ve never actually been there (and yes, it’s embarrassing, considering they’re the closest neighbor to my home country), but from knowing people who have visited/lived there; Reykjavik has a unique and brilliant night-life – quite expensive, but worth it – and excellent shopping, a lot of Icelandic design is absolutely amazing! Then there’s the hot springs, the geology and of course Vatnajökull !

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My apologies to one and all, for wasting your time with this question, and I’m sorry I posed it.

At the time I wrote it, I was unaware that Iceland violates the International Whaling Moratorium to which all civilized nations voluntarily adhere, and I must (based on my own ethics) boycott any nation that chooses to engage in such a barbaric and inhumane practice.

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