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Have you ever groveled for a job or anything?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24048points) September 14th, 2022

In my early 20’s I needed a job and I walked into a KFC and I unconsciously went down to one knee, and begged for a job in front of all the customers and staff.

It worked and I got a job that day as a cashier around minimum wage. I kept the job for 3 months until I was hospitalized for 2 weeks and placed on disability, and got a U.B.I. (universal basic income) to pay for my expensive medications.

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Uh, no.

Honestly, no job is worth demeaning myself as you describe.

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@elbanditoroso Rent needs to be paid, and bellies filled.

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Not sure if this counts as groveling, but I definitely went way too far in an attempt to get a job.

Early in my programming career, I interviewed for a company that had a brief interview with a few people before putting me in a room for some programming “tests”. The “tests” were actually a series of programming tasks that I believe they ended up using in their software. At one point, I developed a whole graphing system interface that integrated with their core db.

I was there all day, had no idea when it would end, they offered me no food (just water), and I never heard back from them. I’m still kicking myself that I spent nearly 8 hours working for them without pay. I’m fairly convinced this was their business plan: bring in developers to work write software, but frame it as an interview in order to not pay them.

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Not a job.

I have broken down or begged for things at times.

As a kid I can remember one time really wanting something and getting upset, and my parents gave in and gave me the money to buy what wanted. I went to try it on and in the end didn’t buy it because I felt so bad.

I have begged someone to stop treating me badly.

I have been at my wit’s end more than once wanting someone to just let me have my way without giving me a hard time or making me feel like shit.

One thing that comes to mind that wasn’t groveling, but rather feeling desperate and standing my ground, was pushing back at doctors’ offices (yes more than once) to get the paperwork I needed or something similar.

I once told a receptionist at a doctor’s office I wasn’t moving till I got what I wanted and she would have to call security to haul me away or get me the referral I need. I was upset but firm. They hadn’t sent the referral to the doctor that they were supposed to, and the specialist went ahead and saw me at the appointment that morning. I just wasn’t going to let him not get paid after he was so nice to me. Actually, the receptionist of the specialist wasn’t going to let me be seen because she didn’t receive a referral. I was upset and telling her I would pay whatever it is, and she was still giving me a hard time. The doctor came out of his office and told his receptionist to stop. He didn’t charge me when I was there.

I have been traumatized by the health care system and workers more than anything else in my life.

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Nope. It is typically the other way around.

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When I was 17 years of age I went to an interview as a waitress for a cafe counter in a large shopping store and after he told me that I had no experiece and that he needed experienced staff, I asked him “how in the world does a person with no experince get it?”
I was still in High School and was hoping to gain a first job for after school hours.
He paused then hired me on the spot!
I worked for him for about 2 years .
At least it was a work record with a reference for future jobs.
In short , it was a good start, with nothing in the way of previous work experience.

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