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How do I insert tiny urls in Hahlo?

Asked by jen (1points) September 19th, 2008
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With a tiny keyboard, no wider than a muffin cup.

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@PupnTaco Fantastic answer! I love it!

You’d do it the same way you’d do it for twhirl or twibble or anything else. If you need a plugin use the one for Firefox . It copies it straight to your clipboard and just paste it in. Away you go.

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Hey that’s what I linked to except in a more usable way since the poster already seems to know what tinyurl is.

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He know what tinyurl is, and there is no copy and paste on the iphone. Hahlo is ment to be used on the iPhone.

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Ah. Well I use hahlo as a desktop app on my macbook pro, so I guess it has other uses then, huh.

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