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What is this bug?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12739points) 2 months ago

Okay, I’m going to admit I am way to scared to google it, pictures of bugs seriously scare me.

It’s a black and yellow bug about a centimeter long, and its like ⅓ black, then ⅓ yellow, then ⅓ black again.

I have found a million of them all over my room.

Please don’t post pictures.

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6 legs? wings? pincers or any distinguishing features? it’s 1cm long but what’s the shape? long and skinny? round? oval? What part of the US do you live in again?

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Is it a warm fuzzy? (caterpillar) I don’t know the term, but I used to view them in wonder. They should be harmless. I’m not certain that lots of them would be ok. I used to pet them as a child.

What is a fuzzy caterpillar?

What kind of caterpillars are yellow and furry?
One of the most common caterpillars you can find is the Yellow Woolly Bear (Spilosoma virginica). This subspecies of the Erebidae family of caterpillars has a very furry appearance. It is also called the Virginia Tiger moth. The Yellow Woolly bear can be any shade of color, not just yellow.

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not fuzzy, I don’t know amount of legs because it has like a shell covering them.

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This site has a large selection of yellow and black beetle type bugs. 47 to be exact. With pictures

I know you don’t like bugs, but this might be a better way to identify your particular pest.

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I think it’s lardar beatle

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^^ Just going from your description, I agree it’s a Dermestes lardarius aka lardar beetle. Having not seen it IRL I could be wrong, but what you’re describing sounds like how this beetle looks. I did notice that it’s also known as a moisture bug & since you’re suddenly being overrun with them, you might want to keep an eye out for excessive moisture like a leaky pipe somewhere in your home!!! So, IF they tend to congregate in a specific area, you might want to have it checked for hidden water damage.

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The only bugs that are like what you describe that congregate inside I know of are ladybugs and boxelder bugs

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These beetles are also called hide beetles. And there is actually a pheromone trap for them!

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