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Who besides me in North America is actually thinking of getting up in time to watch Queen Elizabeth's funeral on Monday morning?

Asked by Jeruba (55587points) September 17th, 2022

It’s at 11:00 a.m. BST on Monday, September 19th, which translates to 6:00 a.m. on the East Coast and 3:00 a.m. on the West Coast, where I am.

Yes, I do know there will be plenty of replays and abbreviated versions later. I’m talking about being there, virtually. I feel like it’s something that I’m almost obliged to do.

If you feel a pull to do likewise, please tell us about it.

Note, this question is in General. The topic is who does think they will or might watch live? Off-topic responses will be flagged.

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There is a kilometers long line of people in London, waiting their turn to get a short look at the coffin. And frankly, it is sick. So no, I will not be watching this circus. The western world has fought too hard to get rid of tyrants, kings and dictators. People should not be sad about the passing of one of the last.

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Nope. If she was an Andy Kaufman like performance artist and there was a chance something hilarious or unexpected would happen, then maybe. Watching a slow procession of a very rich corpse is not my thing. Maybe if someone farts, I’ll watch that bit on YouTube.

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Normally on a week day, I get up at around 6:30 to wake my daughter up for school, and then I put the TV on and try to go back to sleep for an hour. Tomorrow will be no different. Whether or not I stay awake because I’m fascinated by the funeral remains to be seen. I’d definitely have it on when I wake up, for good, around 10, not with eyes glued to the set but just out of curiosity. I won’t spend the day watching – just whatever fits into my schedule.

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No. I love the UK but the monarchy is not my favorite part. I’ll be happy to catch bits and pieces later on.

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I’ll probably watch off and on, as I enjoy the historical significance.

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I’ll pass. Royalty is such a bizarre notion to me in the 21st century. I’d rather not give CNN or whoever higher view counts and clicks.

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The British need this. Let them have their moment here. Yeah, I’ll watch it. Live.

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If I didn’t have to work, I would.

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Me, for sure!

Its a one time History moment to remember for years.

Since TV Networks allow for TV Hosts air time BEFORE the actual Funeral they state MST
( Mountain Standard Time )

( for my area) then is 3 Am if one wants to view the build up of repeated video coverage moments.

Otherwise the “actual Funeral Service” is for MST for my area is at 6Am.

Realize that the Funeral Service is shown.( one hour long) then after that is the procession to

the Gravesite etc. ( that will be longer).

Then the actual procession to the Grave site etc takes place.

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Just a heads up, the coffin will be placed on the gun carriage at 10:30 BST.
Following on foot in procession will be Charles, Anne, Andrew & Edward. Due to arrive for the ceremony at 11, being a predominantly miltary service you can bet your life prompt time will be kept.

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Not me. Watching a replay on Youtube the same as watching live for me.

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It is now 10:45 Am ( western Canada) and I watched 5 hours of
Queen Elizabeth II, Funeral and procession and Mass.
(I got up at 4:39 Am )

I took photographs of my TV screen for properity sake as I do not
think that another Queen will ever be on the Throne in the future.

I await King Charles III Coronation as that should be interesting indeed.

We are so fortunate in these times to witness a Monarch such as the
Queen .

Also to be fortunate to witness her son KING Charles III Coronation
as well.

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I was thinking about how young people will have Charles’ death and William’s ascencion to the throne, and maybe, if they’re young enough, William’s death and his son’s ascencion to the throne, in addition to Elizabeth’s death and Charles’ ascencion.

Older people may have only had one of those experiences (Elizabeth’s ascencion).

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I was able to listen/watch some of it on YouTube.
What precision those men and women had that did the marching, playing of instruments, etc!

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@chyna: I could see that the soldiers marching have something on their knees, which is probably to keep the knees somewhat bent so they all look uniform, even with the way they walk. I was thinking the same thing you were – what regiment with the way they walk, such long distances, yet all in step perfectly.

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I found this online to explain whats on there knees.
read part two

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