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Have you experienced psychological projection?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (35804points) 2 months ago

Here is the simple Wikipedia article of psychological projection.

Basically, it is seeing your own personal negative traits as existing in other people instead of seeing them in yourself.

Have you ever been the recipient of psychological projection? Has a professional ever told you that you might be projecting or even that you were definitely projecting?

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In parenting, this happens all the time.

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I don’t think so. I mean, I have my own issues (don’t we all) but (a) I’m pretty sure I am self aware enough to know that, and (b) I can’t think of any time I projected (or observed) them in someone else but really referring to me.

I observe others and be critical of stuff they do and the way they act, but those aren’t thinks that bounce back to me. At leasst so far.

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I see it all the time in other people, I probably do it now and then too, but not thinking of an example right now. I do sometimes assume someone else is thinking like me, and might find out later I assumed wrong. That’s a form of projection maybe. Like when I have a disagreement with my husband. When I react to something he says, because I’m assuming his feelings based on how I feel.

My husband’s family has several members who I accuse of projection on a regular basis. It often is intertwined with hypocrisy. Like they accuse other family members of not being involved enough or not being in touch enough, when they don’t do anything to reach out either. In many instances they do much much less than other family members. This has been aimed at my husband and me as an on and off theme, but they do it to others also.

One of the classics in projection is an SO worrying and accusing their partner cheating when they do it themselves. They might get ridiculously possessive and controlling. I’ve seen this more than once, but haven’t dealt with it.

In politics today in the US the politicians use so much projection it’s mind boggling. Trump is a master, but not the only one. He accuses other politicians of the very things he does. It’s like calling witch.

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Yep. I lived it with my ex for many years. This is a quite common approach for Narcissists and Borderline Personality afflicted people.

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I would guess that everyone does this on one level or another.

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Can’t say that I have, knowingly. I pretty much am very aware of all my negative traits. I tend to generally be harder on myself than other people because I expect better from myself because I’ve had great examples of how not to be and how I should be. At times I may project not because I’m unaware that I have that trait, but rather because I can see how the person’s negative trait may be like my own. For instance. I don’t like sharing my favorite foods. And if I see someone who seems reluctant to share food then I will assume that they are like me in that way.

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