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What could you do for a bulging disc in the neck?

Asked by trishgirl52 (183points) September 19th, 2022

I have a very bad bulging disc in the back of my neck. It causes me to have headaches. Right now I use 800 mg ibuprofen and tiger balm. It is very bad and my pain is severe. I have no health insurance and need a resolution.

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I’m sorry you have this but all I can say is to see a doctor. This could be very serious and your health is at risk. Please go to a medical professional.

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Check online for some stretching exercises. You basically want to avoid pinching the side of the disc that’s herniated, and give it as much space as possible so the ‘bulge’ can go back in its place.

The problem with this kind of injury is that it heals really slowly if at all.

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Go to the Dr. or a Walk in Clinic

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I had neck probs, though not as severe as yours. Visiting a spinal pain doctor would be the best. They might recommend steroid injection, which is minimally invasive. I have heard that surgery is often recommended, but that is majorly invasive.

Whatever you do, don’t go to a chiropractor! The last time I went to one, she popped my neck and the area swelled up and restricted the nerves to my right hand. This resulted in paralysis! Luckily I had previously scheduled a steroid injection, which calmed that swelling right down. My doctor was surprised – she told me there was no guarantee that I would get function back in my right hand. Scary!

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I would take it to a doctor.

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Look up Disc rupture and Disc Prolapse.
Both require Xrays to determine proper treatment from a “Professional Qualified Doctor .”

From the X Ray they can determine is its fractured..once determine it is usually immobolized by means of a splint or plaster cast to allow it to heal,

ONLY A PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR,who then orders a XRay should be consulted.

Cost is irrelevant as most can work out a payment plan suitable to your needs.
Cost vs being paralized for life..chose the payment plan and live a better life after.

One thing for sure quit moving it may might make it worse.

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Talk to a doctor. Physical therapy could possibly help decompress the disk.

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