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Long sleeve or short sleeve shirts (high school uniform)

Asked by Lion_Zigon87 (102points) September 20th, 2022

In general, what’s better? long sleeve shirts or short sleeves?

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Depends on the climate in which you live.

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Like the Japanese: Long sleeves in winter, short sleeves in summer.

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Well if it is a school uniform you have no choice in the matter. You need to wear what they want you to wear. But I think if given a choice it would depend on the weather.

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Short sleeves are a fashion faux pas.
If given the option, always go long sleeve. Roll them up slightly if needed.

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What Forever Free said.

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Your school probably offers long sleeved uniforms and short sleeved uniforms. You should have both so you’re prepared for all kinds of weather. On this thread, I asked where you were from but you didn’t say:

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Either. Some people get cold easier than others. The kids should be able to wear either one. I’m a big believer in school uniforms, but I think there should be choice regarding, long sleeve, short sleeve, long pants, shorts, maybe a few different color options, etc. I also am in favor of casual wear for uniforms, no need for a sportcoat or tie.

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I wear short sleeves all the time, but my daughter says I’m a dork.

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I prefer short sleeves, you can always wear a sweater or jacket.
Fashion week in Paris had several short sleeves.

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@KNOWITALL @Caravanfan @JLeslie @jca2 @SnipSnip @Forever_Free @RayaHope @kritiper @janbb thank you all for your answers. The THING is, I do want to wear long sleeves. With school uniforms, why do MOST students wear short sleeve shirts and not long sleeves? Only a few do. In my previous high school, in colder months about 90% of them STILL wore short sleeves. I really want to wear the long sleeve shirt but am afraid that people will judge me for it as no one else really does it here at my high school. I find it looking smarter, plus my arms easily get cold even in warmer times.

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@Lion_Zigon87: If you are more comfortable with long sleeves, and you like long sleeves better, then wear long sleeves. Simple as that.

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Sure, wear your long sleeves and be happy. Many of us feel more comfortable in short sleeves and layers, plus long sleeves tend to get dirty quicker. Be comfy!

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Yeah, I bet you if you wear long sleeves more kids will. A lot of students are probably going along with the crowd to avoid feeling on the outside or different or even embarrassed. That is the crowd controlling you. Do what is best for you.

Sometimes it even turns us into leaders when we do what suits us; others follow. Or, it might turn into nothing. My main point is you should be comfortable in what you wear.

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