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Would you get hooked on a show named "Insomnia Cafe"?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24554points) September 19th, 2008

Answer anyway you like…It’s late.

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I have had many of nights I either wake up real early and can’t get back to sleep or I stay up to the wee hours of the night and just once would it be great to have something descent on the TV at that hour. And it always seems to happen when I have nothing taped to watch. I have tried the computer but I’m to tired so I read. It is when I get the most reading done. But thank heavens it hasn’t happened in a while.

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I don’t get hooked on things because of their titles. Much depends on what the actual content is.

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Oh I’d definitely watch it. I’m not sleeping right now, do you think it’s on? It would depend on who is on it though, I mean, it’d have to be someone gorgeous so that I could drool at him, otherwise whats the point?!!! So Spatzie, who is on it anyway? Make it worth my while will ya? ;)

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Hmmm…well, what about Matthew Perry? Is he your type?

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Ah, no, not him. Can you come up with someone better?

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Hmm..what about Matt LaBlanc?

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Oh no, not that pretty boy!!! How about Adam Baldwin, could you get him for me?

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