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Why is our Paramount + always messed up?

Asked by RayaHope (5118points) 1 week ago

They seem to have a problem with getting there stuff working right. Do they know what they are doing? I’m missing Survivor and Lower Decks :(

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Could it be your connection? We never have issues and we love Below Decks. :)

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Yeah it’s working again! :D

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Any chance your WiFi was having hiccups???

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@LadyMarissa it may be but I don’t know anything about how to fix computer stuff. I hope my mom can figure it out. She was on the phone with someone with our internets and stuff but I don’t think it was fixed?

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^^ I’m sorry. I pulled up my Paramount+ & it seems to be working just fine. Don’t know what else to suggest other than trying another channel to see IF you’re having the same problem. That would indicate that it’s your WiFi & not Paramount. Otherwise, you might just have to WAIT until Paramount gets enough complaints that they fix it!!! :-(

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^ It is working today but my computer has a “lag” sometimes. I’ll change a page and it will take forever to switch. Maybe my computer or laptop is broken.

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