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How do I practice the drums without freaking out the neighbors?

Asked by RayaHope (5118points) 1 week ago

I want to start playing the drums but my mom and the neighbors won’t like it much. Is there a way to make it so it’s not so loud? We have a small basement but I don’t know anything about building stuff.

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My mom says that’s what bad girls do :(

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Ask your mom how she knows what “bad girls” do…? ;p

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Wait, so is your problem your neighbors or your mom?

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I would start with an inexpensive drum pad and a couple of sticks.
Watch a couple of you tube videos. If your wrists and arms get sore…
you might have caught the drum bug.

Go to a music store speak to other customers, they will be so
happy to help.

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@WhyNow “I would start with an inexpensive drum pad and a couple of sticks. Watch a couple of you tube videos.”

Exactly this. It’s very cheap and quiet to get started. You’ll see if you love it without a major investment. Beat it like Nandi!

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@gorillapaws Just nice. I will add this to my collection.

RayaHope are you seeing this?

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@gorillapaws Gosh I am soooo impressed! Nandi is my new hero! Now I don’t care what my neighbors OR mom say, I gonna beat this like never before. :) The way she even twirls those sticks. nice!
@JLoon I did ask her…ummm she gave me the weirdest look and walked away. ?

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Here’s the playlist of Nandi Bushell vs. Dave Grohl. It looks like the order is backwards, but you can see how the drum battle challenge progressed over time (this started during lockdown). Dave is such an amazing guy (he was the drummer for Nirvana and then started the Foo Fighters after Kurt died). Nandi is just so full of hope and fire. She’s a delight to watch and already extremely talented.

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@gorillapaws I’m gonna watch these as soon as I get back home! :)

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Put old towels over the drum heads or stuff the drums with old towels.

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Do what you gotta do. Might be a female Buddy Rich someday.

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If I muffle the sound then that kinda defeats the purpose of playing the drums. I love the sound and would hate to make it a dull sound :( I was looking up how to make a quite room and they used something called “soundproof wall panels” maybe that will work?

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Ringo Starr does it.

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Here’s an article written for you.

Agree on a time of day that it will be acceptable to play. Maybe your neighbor is away from the house 9–5 every day and you are home from 3:30–5. That gives you time to play without disturbing them.

The drums are great! Enjoy.

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@JLeslie Oh thanks so much for this, LOTS of great ideas here :)

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The only way to practice drums is loudly.

Ironic that you posted this a day prior to the anniversary of John Bonham’s death.

A Bonzo Solo for the ages (1973 MSG)

Edited Another amazing Moby Dick from 1970 Royal Albert Hall
I dare you not to love drums and Bonzo even more after those 15 minutes of drumming heaven

Miss you John!!

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^^Was he a drummer?

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@RayaHope Drummer for Led Zeppelin

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And then there is a great Jazz drummer Buddy Rich

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@Forever_Free Nice :) he makes it look so easy.

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