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Have you ever known a couple to break up over hair?

Asked by Jeruba (55927points) September 25th, 2022

She cut her long locks.
He shaved his beard.
He dyed his hair blue.
She got a super-curly perm.

Was it a deal-breaker? Tell us.

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Did he get her a special comb for her hair and did she give him a fob chain for his watch? Otherwise no.

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If that really happened what are they 12?

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@SQUEEKY2, those are examples of changes to hair. It can be unsettling when a partner’s appearance changes drastically, especially without warning.

I meant this half-humorously, but I’m also just curious. When my husband-to-be shaved off his beard just before we got married, I wasn’t happy. Suddenly he looked like a stranger.

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Dianna Troy from Star Trek (TNG) said Yuck! to Will Riker when she kissed him. He let her shave his beard off.

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Yes. Oh yes.

I’ve left several relationships where my hair became an issue ( “I mean, you knew it was like this when you met me.”), and nearly lost my long term partner when I did a cut months ago.

But I’ve never dumped a guy over shaving a beard… or a girl either ;p

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Not since high school.

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I never saw my husband without his beard – or his beard without him for that matter. I did see a picture of it once and was not happy with the look!

Nomore_Tantrums's avatar

No. Sounds ridiculous to me. I mean what do people love, their wife / husband / partner, or his or her hair? WTF?

filmfann's avatar

Kind of.
A guy I know asked his wife to shave her privates. She suspected he had paedophilia leanings.
She became more attentive, and found she was correct.

Jeruba's avatar

@Nomore_Tantrums, don’t you think it would bother you at all if someone you thought you knew well were suddenly and unexpectedly to look almost unrecognizable?

Dutchess_III's avatar

@filmfann it’s been the common practice since the 90s. WHY!? What does that do for men?

Nomore_Tantrums's avatar

@Jeruba No it wouldn’t. If my wife were to get cancer, go thru Chemo, and lose all her hair, am I supposed to leave her? I’m not that shallow. At our age I can’t see her getting any wild hairdos anyway. What other couples do is their own business. Break a leg.

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I’ve seen a couple of students do that but after all, they were students and break-ups happen all the time over the silliest things. Oh, and @JLoon has the prettiest hair :)

Nomore_Tantrums's avatar

@RayaHope Yup even my 12 year old grand son has had three different girl friends just since school let out last year. He is now on GF number three. Fickle child he is, but he has to make this own way in life.

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@Dutchess_III I do a partial shave because it’s much more comfortable.

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No, but I’ve been warned not to do quite a few deal-breakers to my hair or beard over the years, though I wasn’t inclined to do any of them:

* no mullets
* no beards so long anything could nest in them
* no hair attempting to make me look like a wolf-man
* no pony tails nor Jedi braids

I’m sure there were others, but those are the ones I remember.

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@Dutchess_III Yes, comfortable. Explained in a pm. LOL

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No. That’s such a stupid, superficial thing to worry about. I could see a woman not giving a guy a chance because he’s balding maybe, but not dumping a significant other/spouse simply because they started to go bald…

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No. My friends and colleagues are generally intelligent common sense kind of folk and would not care whether anyone, including spouse, liked their hairstyle. None of us look for things to gripe and whine about. Now, my fella will ask me if I like a new cut or a change in how he trims his facial hair. I give an honest assessment, which is most often….looks good, even if I can’t tell what’s different.

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Samson and Delilah.

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But I think if I shaved off all my scalp hair, and had all of it weaved into my armpits, it might become an issue.

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Nope. If people break up over hair, they more than likely would have broken up over some other difference.

Dutchess_III's avatar

^^^ Some other ridiculously petty difference.

Zaku's avatar

Oh, also: no man buns.

Strauss's avatar

^^That was actually from Hair, the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical
The Cowsills had a top 40 hit cover, as did the Partridge Family.

smudges's avatar

Love that song! Like man buns too, both the high ones and low ones. hehehe

Forever_Free's avatar

@Strauss Yes, I know it well. My Father saw the opening version in 1968 in NYC. I recall his recants of the brief Topless and Bottomless acts. Nevertheless, the Music from it was amazing then and still now.

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