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If I cook fresh scallops in a sauce, will they freeze well?

Asked by janbb (61064points) 2 months ago

I got some scallops to cook for my friend who was coming to stay for a few days. Unfortunately, I tested positive again (sigh) so she is not coming. I’ll need to cook or freeze these scallops tomorrow.

Should I freeze them uncooked or cook the recipe and freeze what I don’t eat? They were darn expensive so I don’t want to waste them.

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Cook them today.

Freeze them tomorrow. Store up to three months.

Take out of freezer day before and put in frig.

Set oven for 275* f to 280* F cook to about 120* F internal, no higher they will turn to rubber. You need an instant read thermometer.

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{{{{ HUGS !}}}}

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I’m so sorry to hear you’ve treated positive again.

@TW sounds very knowledgeable. I was going to suggest freezing them raw, and thaw them in the fridge for 24 hours before cooking.

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Most scallops have been frozen once already not good to refreeze without cooking 1

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TW – I do think these are fresh ones but I agree with you in case they are not.

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You can freeze them raw or cooked. If there’s a chance they were frozen before, I’d cook them if you feel motivated enough, and then freeze for later.

Sorry to hear about the covid. I’m glad you posted you caught it twice close together, that’s good information for people to know. Did you get the new bivalent shot and still caught it? I was hoping that vaccine would be more effective at preventing catching covid.

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@JLeslie I didn’t get the booster yet as I’ve read it would not add much protection until about 3 months after infection. I was planning on mid-October. Now I don’t know whether to wait even more.

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@JLeslie Just talked to the pharmacy, who are more accessible than the doctor. They are going to deliver more tests today to me and also said the recommendation is to wait a month after infection.

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@janbb Oh right, I remember you asking a question about that now that you mention it. Bad luck for you. I hope you are not very sick. I guess one good thing is if I were you I would feel not so afraid of the virus since you seem to get thought it ok. I still haven’t had covid and still feel I am higher risk than the average person.

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I would definitely cook before freezing.

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@Strauss As you wish! Cooked tonight; ate some and the rest are in the freezer.

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Be careful when you later heat it in a microwave – scallops tend to pop because they heat up really fast when nuked.

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@RocketGuy Good info. I was thinking anyway of reheating in a double boiler or just gently on the stove.

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