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How much does it cost to build a small partition wall out of drywall?

Asked by JLeslie (63824points) September 27th, 2022

That would be wood or metal framing and the drywall. Small wall on the side of a counter depth refrigeration. Measurement would be 2ft x 4in x 10ft.

I know it would vary by city, but I’m just wondering is it a $500 job, a $2,000 job? What would you estimate? Can a good handyman do the whole thing?


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What will the base be anchored to? Will be into a slab? Into wood?

Will you need to float your walls? Meaning: leaving space between the floor 2×4 and the base of the wall? That allows for a certain amout of floor surface movement and expansion. – especially useful if building on clay soil.

Will it need a power plug? Or just a wall?

Given inflation and materials costs, and a skilled carpenter, closer to $2000 but details matter. Your average handyman may or may not have the skills or tools to anchor to a concrete floor and to float a wall.

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Outlets on both sides . . . $2000.

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No outlets, no electricity.

Slab with fake wood flooring.

Wow, $2,000 is surprisingly high to me. 2’ wall. Oy, maybe it’s not a great idea. I was thinking that’s just two pieces of wood and some drywall and hoping it would be much cheaper.

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Some details missing but if doing this myself, probably ~$150. If hiring someone, $500–1000.

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Daughter did a wall four years ago, t was $1750 because building code required outlets on both sides of of wall .

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Even without power, you still need to anchor the base to the floor (slab) in several locations. And you’ll have to attach the end of the new wall to the existing room wall, which means exposing part of the existing studs to attach to. And if this is gong to be a 2’ high wall which is 10’ wide, you’re going to need intermediate studs every 18–24”.

Add in someone to do the drywall hanging, drywall mud, smoothing, and painting as well.

I can easily see this exceeding 2K. Will you need to pull a permit for this sort of work in Florida? That may cost, too. Will your development allow you to make strucutral modifications?

In construction, you get what you pay for. You could get a handyman to do the work, but it will fall over.

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Pardon my curiosity. I have no idea about the answer, but I’m trying to picture this application and I can’t see it at all. Is it a 2’ high wall that is 10’ wide, or a 10’ high wall that is 2’ wide? Either way, what purpose does it serve? Why does it need to be a built-in wall instead of some kind of movable divider?

And four inches thick? Why so thick? It seems like whatever might need a 4” separation would also need more than a 2’ divider.

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10 foot high wall.
2’ side to side perpendicular to the existing wall.

It’s kind of making a cubby space.

I think most walls are 4–5 inches thick because wood comes 2×4. When I look around my apartment now, all small walls like that look 4–5 inches thick to me, but I didn’t measure.

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What kind of flooring is being taken up. You don’t just put a wall up on top of the existing floor.
Based on what I read here:
Materials = $300
Labor Range = $300 – $800

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^^It’s fake wood. I think it’s called luxury vinyl, but I’m not sure.

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The Bottom Plate 2×4 would need to be on the underlayment and not on top of a floating wood floor (engineered or vinyl).

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Here that would be $500 job plus materials. Probably a week to finish the drywall properly.

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It varies a lot by contractor. Id go with someone super cheap, since its a super simple project, but your estimates are probably about right. 500 for a cheap job, 2000 for a really good one. I’d probably just spend a week doing it myself for 300~ in materials. Youtube is capable of walking you through this project.

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