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What are some careers I could persue where I can work with animals?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) September 20th, 2008

and how much schooling is required?

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What kinds of animals do you like?

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pest control
Dog pound / animal control
Zoo keeper
Movie animal trainer
Horse looker afterer person
Pet grooming
Dog walker
Cat sitter
Game park warden
Crocodile wrangler
Vet nurse
Slaughterhouse worker

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Prison guard.
Probabtion officer.
Parole officer.
Police officer.

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Middle School Teacher

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Hear! Hear!

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if we’re playing that game…nurse

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@Lightlyseared – Slaughterhouse worker? I’m sure animal lovers everywhere are fighting over that position.

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Horse Inseminator?

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@shad the question was a job working with animals nothing about being an animal lover.

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@Ls – I think the assumption is reasonable. Most people want to work with animals because they love them. And I did notice the distinction. I just wanted to point out the humor of my assumption/

Course, now that I’ve explained it, nothing there is funny.

ON TOPIC! Have you heard of horse massage therapy? I hear it makes good money.

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Research biologist (i.e, tag/mark wild animals, band birds, observe or do field work on wild animals)

SPCA volunteer

Wildlife rehabilitator (not often a paying job, though)

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