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Has it been noted that some graphics are missing again?

Asked by Jeruba (53381points) 1 month ago

The little stars for lurve, the contrast behind the question topics, the graphics for the question categories, etc.: they all disappear now and then, and this is one of those nows.

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Me too. Except my mobile. My mobile works fine.

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My Fluther Logo & Dr J are missing as well as my graphics at the top of the page & the design down each side of the page. Hadn’t paid attention to it but my Lurve star now reads “points”. I reported it to a mod while discussing another problem with an apology for increasing their workload.

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Still looks fine to me on my desktop.

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Me too, desktop. I see graphics and jelly fish.

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I’m missing the graphics on mobile, but it’s fine on desktop.

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Realize that when you’re looking at “desktop” on the phone, it may look different than “desktop” on the computer.

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All graphics are fine on my desktop PC running Windows 10 using a Chrome browser.

All graphics are fine on my Android phone and Android tablet both using a Chrome browser.

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More graphics are missing today on my laptop: the logo and other images at the top of the page.

On the tablet, header graphics are missing, but the rest seem to be okay. I don’t use Fluther on my phone at all.

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Note: I did a CTRL-refresh of my desktop browser, and now the images are missing from my desktop as well. The images had been cached, apparently.

The star next to how many “great answers” you get is missing. It links to this:, which is missing. Someone needs to update the image link to star.png.

And the fluther logo is supposed to reside here:, but it doesn’t.

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^^Both of those come up saying they can’t be displayed because they contain an error.

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Thanks, everyone. We got some individual reports, but this thread helped us see there’s a bigger issue. Ben is working on it.

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The images have been restored. Looks good!

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Mine are now fixed too.

(@Ben, thanks for taking care of us. We still love you.)

@longgone, should we bring this up every time it happens? Seems like there’s just a bolt somewhere that ought to be tightened.

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As of 6:00 pm on Thursday, mine is fixed. THANK YOU to ALL involved!!!

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