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What do you think of lapsang souchang tea?

Asked by janbb (61070points) 2 months ago

I just bought a box to try and to me it tastes like I’m drinking a cigarette.

Totally fluff Q I know, but what the hell?

Feel free to opine about other teas that you love or hate.

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When I had yerba mate, I thought it was disgusting. It’s a traditional caffeinated drink from Argentina and South American, drunk hot or cold, like a tea:

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It’s not my favorite, but I do like it. I’m a tea drinker. I switched when I lived in Singapore where the coffee was atrocious. The tea there was superb.

My favorite is Darjeeling.

I make my own blend for my everyday cuppa. I blend Ceylon, Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri for a very nice cuppa.

When I’m feeling fancy, I drink first-blush Darjeeling. It’s such a good tea.

The Darjeeling in my blend is not first-blush. I can’t afford that. It’s still good. There’s some good Darjeeling-like tea from Nepal that I’ve had. It’s also good.

I don’t drink most flavored tea. My best friend likes flavored teas from some company in southern California. He’s shared them with me, and I sent one box back to him for him to enjoy. Yuck!

I love herbal teas, too. I have a blend called Refresh that a mélange of many different ingredients that I love. I drink a lot of it. My daughter gave me a gift of Hawaiian fruit tea that is yummy. I drink a lot of chamomile tea.

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@Hawaii_Jake I drink tea mostly too instead of coffee. English Breakfast for my morning cuppa; various herbals sometimes for later in the day. I do love Darjeeling too and usually order that if I am having afternoon tea somewhere.

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I don’t drink coffee but I drink quite a lot of green tea.

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@flutherother I love green tea. I used to live in Japan, and it’s so good there.

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I tried Green tea and maybe we got a weak batch because I have to use two bags and it still has no flavor. Everyone raves about it but I don’t see the big deal. I’ll stick with my orange black pekoe tea. I even tried Earl Grey (because Jean-Luc Picard) drinks it on Star Trek, but it’s too strong.

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Lapsang souchong is one of many kinds that I used to keep around and enjoy. I think I liked it for the name, as much as anything. My favorite among those many Asian varieties was Darjeeling.

These days, if I drink tea in the daytime, it’s Twinings’ Irish Breakfast, which I found I like better than English Breakfast. I brew it very strong, as my Canadian relatives do, and put milk in it, or cream or Half & Half if I have it.

But my favorite evening tea is Celestial Seasonings’ Roastaroma, a full-flavored herbal brew that has some body and no caffeine. I drink it every night.

Roastaroma was originally marketed as a coffee substitute, but it is nothing of the sort. Its name is regrettable because it limits the appeal by hinting at coffee while saying nothing. It disappeared from store shelves around here some years ago, but I still get it by ordering by the case, directly from the vendor.

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@Hawaii_Jake I drink it by the mugful. I picked up the habit in China where we sometimes sat around a low table and spent the evening tasting different teas. Biluochun, a green tea, was my favourite.

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One of the reasons I prefer tea is that I don’t have to add any milk or sugar whereas to make coffee palatable for me, I need both. In the afternoon as I said above, it’s an herbal and at night sometimes chamomile or Sleepytime but that Roastaromas sounds interesting.

I know it’s not a tea but we had a cleaning lady when I was a kid who drank Postum and I used to like that.

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Postum! My grandmother used to drink that, and she was the only person I ever knew who did. I could never quite bring myself to taste it. It made me think of “possum,” not at all appetizing.

Oh my goodness, they still sell it.

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Its good in stews (gives them a smokey flavour) but I wouldnt drink it.

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@Jeruba I think i saw it also recently from the Vermont Country Store which is probably why I thought of it again.

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I like Earl Grey or English Breakfast for a chilly afternoon, snuggled up at home. I like it with milk and sweetened.

A really good, naturally sweet tea that I discovered is Honeybush, which is from Africa. It’s not that cheap but it’s unique. Honeybush is in the Rooiboos family.

Someone in my family is a tea connoisseur and recommends this company:

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I’ve bought from Upton. They’re good.

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I’ll drink it, if it’s offered to me. But it’s definitely not something I’d order myself.

I’m just laughing at your description of it as drinking a cigarette though. Haha

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