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Where are the cooking people out there: I''m new and looking for foodies?

Asked by Starburst (259points) September 20th, 2008

I would like to meet other cooks, chefs, bakers, restaurantuers, anyone who likes to talk about fooood.

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A lot of Fluther foodies outed themselves in this question awhile back.
I’ve worked in the food biz for decades (pastry, chocolate)

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Hello: foodie here…WELCOME!!! I’ve been kinda lonely here…I added you to my fluther!!!

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Hi! I’m currently attending pastry chef school, so I’m pretty sure I count. :)

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You might also try a site called which is a cool little foodie site.

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My daughter’s in college, I’ve retired from cooking.

I will gladly sample things tho. No problem.

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i like to bake and as for cooking, i like to cook only what i like to eat, and i like spicy spicy spicy. spicy where my lips get numb, like jerk chicken (good jerk like from the bronx, not some fake jerk like from a chain restaurant). i live alone so i often don’t cook elaborate things, because it doesn’t pay to make elaborate stuff for one person.

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I like bread baking, preserving/canning, and other cooking too. Welcome, Starburst, and I am glad to meet you!

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Love to bake, love to cook, love to eat out, love new simple recipe ideas…..


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by the way, starburst, welcome. now what do you like to cook or what areas of cuisine are you good at?

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jca – be nicer to yourself and cook like that sometimes. Make two or three servings of something you love and freeze what you don’t eat. You deserve it!

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I love to make up recipes, some turn out and some don’t. I also love to Bake!
I very seldom follow recipes in a cookbook, always adding my own ingredients. lol
Welcome starburst!
Barb :o)

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Foodie here; bar & grill are my focus.

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The name says it all!!! cooksalot

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I don’t care for cooking (hubby does), I love to bake.

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Foodie, checking in! I have worked in the service industry for ten years (bars, restaurants, catering). Love to cook, bake, have dinner parties, go to great restaurants, and… play with my food.

I love seeing others get enjoyment from something i make for them.

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Tedi: I make chicken and stuff for dinner, but to make something like a lasagna is just way too much effort. i will also bake a cake but after eating one slice a day, after about 5 days i’m sick of it. so it’s not like i suffer in the food dept, but i don’t get too elaborate at home.

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I love to eat!
Does that count?

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@Nimis we need someone to taste test the food. ;)

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I always love to help a fellow human being.
:O (That’s me, ready to volunteer my taste buds for the betterment of humanity.)

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Hello, checking in. I love all kind of cooking.

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i broke floor with a cookie I made in middle school….I think I am not counted in this LOL

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I just graduated from baking and pastry school.

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I love cooking and food. I also love to talk about it with others. Welcome to the collective.

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Megan: you can make the pastries and cakes for the Fluther Convention.

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I thought we were having the cakes delivered by mail?

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If there’s a convention, I will bring sweets.

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yay, Megan!

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To all: YAY…..LOOK AT ALL THESE FOODIES!!!! Thank you all for saying hello, I am excited to meet you all. I am obviously new here, and now I feel at home. I love to make just about anything except sushi…I go out for that. I have become quite good at grilling meats on charcoal, I bake cakes and cookies really well. I make a lot of soups, stews casseroles and crock pot delights. I love to make salads, veggie dishes, Italian, Latin, Indian, Persian, comfort food. I don’t do much deep frying or Asian…again, if I want to eat that, I will usually go out for it. I make cakes to order out of my home during the holidays, and I like to help people in their kitchens for holiday parties as a way to earn extra money. People at work will pay me to make them a special occasion cake or box of cookies. I am starting to look at learning how to decorate cakes like a pro. AGAIN…nice to meet you all!!!!

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Fooooooooood!!!!! Yup, you can count me in on that one. I love experimenting.

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Of course there’s plenty if food-related questions and foodies here but you may also want to check out Chowhound, a site with some great food articles but more importantly an amazing community forum that talks not only about foods, cooking, but also restaurants (by locale).

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I love to cook and to bake. I really like to eat. What are you serving?

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I don’t know if you’d call me a “foodie” exactly, but I do love foods. When my husband and I do go out we try to go somewhere with new things sometimes and old favorites other times.

I cook a lot at home and so does my husband. I have a large rotation of favorites that I make, and I keep working on adding new recipes to that. Lately I’ve been trying to add more soups and have been baking more than before. My husband has gotten really good at Thai food and American style grilling. We both want to get better at Indian cooking, but I’ve only tried a couple of things. At this rate, it’ll be a long time before I get a nice “Indian sample plate” down, though. Some of that spicing still has me a bit stumped.

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cyndi: you can make a great meal with soup and bread, or soup, salad and bread. i wish i were a better soup maker. there’s endless varieties…..

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It’s something I’m working to get better at. Many of them take long enough that they make me practice patience. :^>

There’s this place in Seattle called Alehouse in Columbia City. We first went there for the beer, but they always have the best soup specials. They’re not the same old thing you can get anywhere anytime. After going there 5 or 6 times and always having a different great soup I caught the bug for making soups at home. So far, I’d say there’s only a couple of mine that could come close to that. I’m still working on it though.

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I am a foodie. I love cooking, especially comfort food. I really really enjoy feeding people. If what I cook makes them smile and ask for seconds I am a happy man. I like all sorts of other stuff too, from gumbo, to bananas foster to chile marinated flank steak to creme brule to shepards pie to peach cobbler. I will try to cook almost anything. I also greatly appreciate when others cook good food. I am lucky I have a metabolism that keeps me skinny, and that I have a physical job. I’d be a blimp otherwise. Glad to meet you.

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steven: you’re making me hungry.

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He’s making me hungry, too. Stevenb, have you tried baking your roux instead of using the stove top? It’s a thing Alton Brown does for his shrimp gumbo and it works really well. Check out the first part of the recipe where he talks about the roux. It makes the whole process so much easier and still fresh and authentic.

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i love alton brown.

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So do I. For this roux trick alone I love him. His show on cookies was awesome too. (One person in the family likes the puffy cookies and I like the gooey ones.) And I highly highly recommend his baked mac and cheese dish.

I can also recommend several of his books. I’m much much better at roasting and braising since reading them.

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My kids love AB!

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AB rocks! I’ve learned so much from him.

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Count me in, cooking is my passion. I just sold my really cool little bistro on the Oregon coast. Hard work, long hours, but I still miss it.

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Really what was it’s name? Where?

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It is called Sidestreet Bistro in Florence Oregon. A very accomplished chef from Colorado just purchased it and is doing a great job. Check it out if you are ever in the area.

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@SoapChef: What are you doing now that you’ve sold the place?

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I’ll have to let my MIL, and SIL know since they still live in Oregon and take regular trips to the coast.

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I was going to try ABs oven roux method, but I like the stovetop version because it’s fast and so far I haven’t had any problems. I like it around milk chocolate to dark chocolate color. I do love the gumbo. Everything else too, to be honest.

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Big-time foodie here! one of my favorite topics of conversation!

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