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Is Donny T. getting desperate for money?

Asked by jca2 (16459points) October 4th, 2022

Former President Donny T. files 475 million lawsuit against CNN, for defamation. Does that spell desperate to you?

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People like that are always desperate for money, no matter how much they hoard, take, and leach. They’re hungry ghosts.

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Oh that poor hard done by millionaire.

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I don’t think that he’s as desperate for money as he is for attention!!! What I find interesting is that he’s spent the last 6 years telling us that CNN is “fake news”. How can “made up news” be defamatory???

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@LadyMarissa Great call.
Would love the defence lawyer ask their first question.
“Mr Trump, do you believe anything that CNN brings as news?”
“We rest our case, your honor.”

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Trump isn’t going to win this – it’s all for show. If CNN is smart, they will call Donnie in for discovery and depositions, and it will be obvious how he was disparaging CNN for 4 years.

This is all for show.

That said – Trump isn’t as rich as he was before being president.

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^^ Actually, he’s NOT as rich as he claims!!!

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It’s a SLAPP suit to try and get critics to be quiet.

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He SCAMs his base to fund his chosen candidates. Then he refuses to give any money to his chosen candidates & he & his family siphon for their wants!!!

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He was born desperate, or at least made so at a young age. This lawsuit specifically could be about deflecting the legal procedures hounding him, an opportunistic response to the pillowguy lawsuit, simply using the law to get media coverage, or last ditch attempt to pay off a McDonalds tab. My guess is all of the above.

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” pay off a McDonalds tab.” LOL!!!

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Poor Trump, so someone has been saying bad things about him. Well they can’t be any worse than the reality.

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It’s OK when he says bad things about others; but let them say anything about him, he whines like a weaning puppy!!!

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I don’t buy the idea that he can’t pay his bills. I do think he is always out to make money. Law suits, speeches, asking for donations, selling water, licensing his name for clothing, TV spots, just about anything.

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Not paying.his bills means more money in his pocket. Just another way to grab more for himself.

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He was always desperate for the dollar.

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I don’t buy the idea that he can’t pay his bills

It’s not that he CAN’T pay his bills; however, it is obvious that he DOESN’T pay his bills!!! He refuses to pay his lawyers; & according to the events company that sets up his rallies, he’s refusing to pay them as well & they are being forced out of business. My understanding is that is how the rich stay rich…don’t pay their bills!!!

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^^People have been saying for the last 7 years that he is not really rich, that he is in financial trouble, and that he NEEDS the money. I’ve been saying all along I think that’s bullshit.

Democrats said he didn’t want to show his tax returns because it would show he wasn’t as wealthy as he brags about.

Some also were saying he didn’t want to show the tax returns, because people would see he doesn’t pay taxes or that he is taking write-offs that he shouldn’t be.

For this Q I’m just focusing on people thinking he’s broke. The other two, not paying taxes or taking write-offs illegitimately, is something the IRS and state should be taking care of whether the public sees the return or not.

I’m not talking about him refusing to pay bills, I’m talking about not being financially able to. I say he is able.

Remember when Romney stated the percentage of his income he pays in taxes it seemed to hurt him politically. I was impressed he actually knew the amount. I’d bet you the majority of people have no idea what percent of their gross income they pay in taxes. Do you know how much you pay. I dare you to guess and then actually pull out your tax return and do the math. Not from AGI, but your actual gross income.

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^^ I think that he IS rich…just NOT as rich as he tries to pretend that he is!!! He’s still a millionaire NOT a billionaire!!! During one of the bankruptcies way back when, he was put on a budget of a half million dollars a day & he screamed that he couldn’t live on that because he had expenses. Then he started whining how expensive it was to run his yacht, his private jet, & several other things. At the time, I was living on less than $100 a day & I found it difficult to feel sorry for him. He did NOT “have to” fire up his yacht. He could go out & sit on it without going anywhere. I’m sure the jet was convenient, but he could work out another way to handle his business. He could have required that people travel to him!!! He had to have gold water faucets & handles in his bathrooms. I do NOT consider that a “requirement”!!!

He did have to sell off his yacht. Don’t know IF it was because he couldn’t “make” the payments…OR…IF he just no longer wanted to make the payments.

So, I think that by the average person’s standards, he IS rich; however, by rich folk standards, he’s poor!!!

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Who gives a shit if he is a millionaire or billionaire. It’s stupid for people to worry about such things.

His tax returns won’t show if he’s a millionaire or billionaire. It makes no sense.

If he evaded taxes why did he have to become president for someone to figure that out?


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^^ I second the motion.

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@JLeslie @Forever_Free I agree with BOTH of you. I don’t give a rat’s ass about how much money that he has; however, HE DOES!!!

He was on an episode of The Nanny where Fran made a comment “You millionaires are all alike” referencing him & her boss Mr Sheffield. Years later she received a call saying she had to do a voice over to change the word “millionaires” to “billionaires” because he had insisted the change “had to be made”.

It was a well known fact he he had been evading taxes, but nobody had the required proof & he was notorious for threatening lawsuits, so, nobody cared that much & at that time he still had good lawyers who outfoxed the IRS.

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Getting? With the things he had done in recent years and things that were revealed about this orange pig’s past…him who had been well known since the 80s simply for being wealthy…it seems he had always been desperate for money and attention. And will get them at whatever cost. To the point of now being a truly dangerous psycho.

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@LadyMarissa I don’t give a damn what Trump cares about regarding his millions or billions, I am talking Democrats obsessing about it like it is some sort of real issue if he has millions or billions.

As far as evading taxes, threatening to sue who? The IRS and the state? The problem is a lot of his assets are real estate. Real estate has amazing loopholes and tax write-offs. Let’s see if they can actually convict him on something.

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Trump’s MO (modus operarandi) deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect

Blame blame blame blame blame – - – - – someone else !

His daddy taught him that ! ! !

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But @Tropical_Willie You forgot when he is dealing with his legal troubles it’s also delay,delay,delay,delay.

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Well, now that it has come out that he’s going broke, I expect that he’ll be bragging about how much money that he has & how NOBODY is as rich as he is!!! Supposedly, he will be putting up several of his NY properties for sale because he’s needing the CASH!!! Anybody else see this as a possible sympathy play in order to fleece his base at least one more time???

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His selling properties in NY is problematic, because the balance of the mortgage may be higher the then the market value. He inflated the value to the lender so he could get more money.

Being highly leveraged is one thing but loans that are on properties are not worth the loan are
not good.

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@Tropical_Willie That would be some pretty idiotic lenders. They shouldn’t be taking the word of one man. Although, back in the early 2000’s lenders did all sorts of stupid things.

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He had idiotic lenders that took his estimate of value not outside appraisals.

Sometimes several times actual market value !

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