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Why are there spiders in my bathtub Every. Single. Morning?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45732points) 1 month ago

We’re going to detonate some bug bombs this week, including under the crawl space. Will that help?what

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Oh no! Freaking spiders! I would maybe just bomb the house. My heart rate went up just thinking about it.

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I think it will help. Can you see where they might be getting in? If there are cracks in the caulk around the tub or where the floor tile meets the wall, ceiling that with new caulk might keep them out.

Any chance they hide in the drain?

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My guess is if they’re in the bathtub that means they are crawling across the ceiling and falling into it. You should be able to see cobwebs up there if you look carefully with good light.

They wouldn’t be in the house unless there was food for them. A bug bomb would kill everything.

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I dont think they’d survive in the drain @JLeslie. Not with the Biblical floods that regularly hit it.
No cobwebs ssnowberry.

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But spiders are mostly harmless and helpful. They hunt insects.

I leave them be, or escort them safely outside.

I expect they’re exploring at night, and not expecting the bathtub to be too slippery to climb out of.

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The outside of it is the same material as the inside. How can they climb up the side of the tub but not out of it?

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I think they like to be near water, although not in it. I find them in the shower and also in the kitchen sink now and then. I capture them gently and carry them outside. All except for the thick-bodied black ones, to which I show no mercy.

Spiders are mostly good guys, and I try not to wreck their garden webs (we have a big one on the front porch right now), but I don’t go into their houses and I prefer not to have them in mine.

Ants are another matter. I have no tolerance for them whatsoever. It’s just one ant? Don’t tell me that. A single ant is a plague.

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Maybe that’s it @Jeruba.

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@Dutchess_III, are you maybe seeing the same spider every morning? Do you recognize its little face? You might try capturing it by popping a cup or small bottle over it and sliding something like a glossy card under it to trap it in the bottle, and deposit it outside.

Then see if another one shows up.

I usually use an empty prescription bottle for this and an advertising mailer. I also often scold them a little bit and advise them not to come back in.

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Noooooooo. They are
Totally different shapes and sizes.

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Many at once?

If so, I would find that creepy too and would undoubtedly change my tactic. No more first-name basis for those guys.

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Logically, they must be unable to get out. Spiders want to hide in dark corners during the day, they wouldn’t be sitting in the tub if they could help it. I’d try letting something hang over the edge of the tub. A towel or whatever is handy. I think there’s a good chance the spiders will make themselves scarce after their nightly (kindly) hunt for more annoying bugs.

Killing everything alive is very human, but really bad for the world. There’s a word for the effect this has: Insektensterben. It’s why there’s fewer songbirds, and who doesn’t love those?

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They just want to see you naked, then they invite their friends. If you can find the spider bar, and dump all the spider whiskey, they will relocate and do their spider-perv thing in someone else’s bathroom.

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Um, they are bathing!

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Spiders probably wonder why human houses contain huge white basins with impossibly slippy sides. Every. Single. House.

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“The outside of it is the same material as the inside. How can they climb up the side of the tub but not out of it?”
– Good question. Maybe the outside has different micro-stuff on it (e.g. soap) than the inside does, due to the baths and showers? In my case, I don’t think I’ve seen a spider getting into a tub via the outsides – when I’ve seen them, I think it tended to be going along the wall or curtain and then down.

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