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Care to share your memories of Loretta Lynn?

Asked by LadyMarissa (13157points) 1 month ago

Several different networks announced today that Loretta Lynn passed away at the age of 90 leaving behind a legacy of over 60 years of wonderful Country music. Do you have any special memories that you would like to share at this time?

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She is the queen of country music.

“You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man”

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Back in 1980, I invited my parents to my apartment to see my new toy: a laser disc player.
We watched the movie Coal Miner’s Daughter.
My Mom was overwhelmed by the truth and honesty of the music by Loretta Lynn.

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I think it was watching Hee Haw with my Grandmother.

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I had forgotten that she was ever on HeeHaw, but not surprised that she was & that I forgot!!!


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I certainly saw her on Hee Haw and remember the movie, Coal Miner’s Daughter. A shop in Nashville had a little museum about her that I visited once.

I love the album she made with Jack White, “Van Lear Rose”. She wrote 90% of the music and he performed and produced it. So good.

Sadly, it is no longer available on any streaming service for unknown reasons.

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The closest I ever got to Country music was The Marshal Tucker Band. And that was close enough!

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That’s what I thought until I stepped a wee bit closer & got hooked!!!

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I love the movie Coal Miner’s Daughter. Sissy Spacek was amazing, as usual.
Lorretta purchased the whole town of Hurricane Mills in 1966.
If you believe in an afterlife, now she’s with Dolittle Lynn (Mooney).

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Ditto @smudges Not a big country music fan, but I do like that film.

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^^ Yeah, I listened to some country when I lived in Brentwood (outlier of Nashville), but not a real fan. lived next door to Willie Nelson’s guitar player, Grady Martin

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