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What is something you do or enjoy that you that people would find wierd?

Asked by Pandora (31358points) 1 month ago

Please no weird sex stuff. Let’s keep this PG.

I find I am overly polite to the point that I apologize to objects like my google mini when it asks me to repeat again. I can’t seem to help but say, oh, I’m sorry, or apologize to the dog if I’m late feeding her because I got wrapped up in something or if I don’t understand what she wants.

I talk to my stomach when I ate something bad and it made my acid reflux act up. Sometimes out loud but most of the time it’s my inner voice apologizing and promising that I will eat better the next day.

I won’t apologize if I stub my toe but I will curse up and down the object that caused my toe injury.

Sometimes I think maybe it’s because apologizing is part of empathy and I just have it on autopilot. It is just a reflex.

It’s not like I truly believe objects or my stomach can feel it or that my dog understands what, sorry means. But I’ve been noticing I do it a lot. I tried to stop myself but most of the time I don’t remember to.
So I’ve come clean. Now its your turn.

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I don’t often worry about what others find weird, so I tend to do what I feel like doing!!! I just do me & IF somebody else finds it weird, I don’t “need” them in my life. I don’t find apologizing to the dog for making them be hungry anything to consider weird as I see it as the polite thing to do!!! You get hungry, you stop what you’re doing & eat. Your dog gets hungry, you make them wait & they wait patiently. I think they earned an apology!!! I’m sure I do a LOT of things that others find weird, but I’m just as sure that I don’t care what others find weird!!!

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I don’t care if someone else thinks it is weird when I am doing something that I like.
Is that weird?

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During lockdown I spent quite a bit of time translating poems from Chinese to English. Not necessarily weird except I don’t know Chinese. It amused me and took me into a different world for a time.

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@Forever_Free NO…NOT weird!!!

@flutherother That sounds exciting & like a HUGE project to undertake!!!

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I am single.

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I like some foods which are not too popular. I like tapioca pudding. I like liverwurst.

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Childfree by choice.
Christian who does not enjoy church and has LGBTQ best friends.
I order all the weird thing’s on menu’s.
I sit outside with my adopted feral colony of cats for hours.
I rarely drink, a LOT of people find that weird here.
I truly enjoy dissecting and researching politics in detail.
I check the BBC often for world news.

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The amount of time I spend daily on Fluther.

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I get really happy and excited when I can sit down and do nothing productive for a while. No demands on me at all. I wouldn’t want to do nothing all day long, but I like having those moments. I feel so lucky I can do it.

I cut my own hair a lot of the time. I haven’t been to a salon since covid started, but even before covid I sometimes cut my own hair or my husband cut my hair for me.

I don’t drink, which is weird to about half of the population in the US I think, and normal to the other half. I see another jelly mentioned not drinking also.

I like renting. We are in a rental in NC and I LOVE it. It seems to me most people look down on renting or see it as some sort of failure or waste of money or that you will be around people who are unstable.

I didn’t care about having an engagement ring.

I want to believe most people are good with good intentions.

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To those objecting the use of the word weird, let’s go with the idea of it just being unusual. Its also not necessary that others find it unusual but that you may even occasionally stop and notice and wonder why you do it or why you like it. For instance, I also love a beautifully organized closet. Especially my linens. I have to fold everything perfectly. Not that I am ashamed of the fact. If anything I love it when a guest comments on how nice and easy it is to find things in my linen closet. My daughter likes to make fun of how organized I like to keep things but I find it amusing that over the years I’ve seen her turn slowly into me. My mom is even worse when it comes to organizing or I should say more extreme. But she likes doing it because she’s a germaphobe. I just like doing it because its become harder to remember all the crap we have and how to find it.

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@Pandora Does keeping things organized take time away from your family or cause a lot of arguments? I know people who are OCD about cleaning (slightly different) and as they got older they regretted it or wished they hadn’t been so rigid.

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@JLeslie Nah. It’s just my husband and me and he loves it. Once in a blue moon, it causes arguments but it usually is when I need his help in organizing something and he keeps putting me off for weeks or months. It’s stuff I should throw out but he wants to keep it. But I’m not rigid to the point where I blow up if something gets put somewhere else. Some things occasionally need rearranging but when it does it’s by me and that’s because I will switch out winter clothing to summer. and of course back again. But we hold onto so much stuff that we don’t need to the point we had to get a storage space. I still hate my garage but it semi clean. Just not organized. Though to be honest a good portion is broken junk that I don’t know where to get rid of it. It was by luck that I was able to throw away my dehumidifier by giving it to the AC repair guy. Some things are near impossible to throw away. You have to take them to a certain dump or you have to strip something inside out of it and have it done by a professional because of ozone regulations.

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I have been eating cheese puffs with chop sticks. (no orange fingers!)
Recently, I have started eating Peanut M&Ms with chop sticks. This results in more purposeful eating. You’re not just throwing handfuls of them in your mouth.
I might try popcorn next.

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If I’m walking on the sidewalk or just about anywhere where I’m gonna pass by someone, I’ll hold my breath until I pass them about 10 feet or more so I don’t get their Covid germs. I know sometimes that is unavoidable but when I can I do it. I am a little bit of a “germaphobe”

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@RayaHope Welcome home!

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@janbb Hi, I’m glad to be back! I’m still a little out of it but I’m okay :)

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