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What is Surgeon Remix?

Asked by yaujj48 (355points) 1 month ago

I saw the title of the remix of Close Eyes called Surgeon Remix. What confuses me is that the Surgeon title had nothing to do with the artist name itself. So what does Surgeon mean in the remix? I also noticed other music had the title of Surgeon.


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Hang on, I did a little bit of research. So did Praneel Rajkhowa stole the original which was made by Surgeon? Who made the remix actually?

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Surgeon is the person who remixed the original song. It’s what he does and it is very common in dance music to remix others tracks. Stole is not the word to use.

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@Lightlyseared When I said “stole”, I didn’t meant Surgeon. I meant Praneel Rajkhowa whose music is falsely labelled as his own by YouTube.

But it is confirmed that Surgeon is the one who made the remix. I meant no offense to Surgeon, only to the person who falsely claim his music as his own and official app like Shazam turn a blind eye.

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That’s a cover. Again not stealing. Just someone performing a piece written and originally performed by someone else.

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@Lightlyseared Even though the music sounds exactly the same.

Original Remix

The Supposed Cover

At least tell me the music difference.

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