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Did N!xau, a Sho living in the Kalahari desert, finally get Covid?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43814points) October 7th, 2022

I was aiming to be the last person on Earth to get it. Apparently, someone else will claim that spot.
I’m double vaxxed, triple boosted with the latest bivalent booster so my symptoms are very slight. I just have a scratchy throat. This is my second day with symptoms and I’m almost back to normal. Thank you, Science!

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I’m sorry you caught the bug. Glad your symptoms are mild. I have not yet caught it. I’m not the most careful, so I’m aware that I have risk. (I’m completely vaxxed and boosted to the max.)

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knock wood, I still haven’t…

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@LuckyGuy Good luck and take care. I was double, doubled and have gotten it twice now in the last two months.

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Since we identified the symptoms so early and I am 65+ the doc is suggesting that I take a course of Paxlovid. I will start it tonight.

Actually I am feeling a little better already. I’m guessing I willl feel fine by tomorrow. I will still isolate.

(I will also be flooding my home with 0.1 ppm of Ozone through my whole house electrostatic and MIRV 11 HEPA filter system.)

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FYI: Wikipedia says N!xau died in 2003.

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Thanks for that info! I was trying to come up with a name for someone in a remote part of Africa. I made up a name first, Mungaba Mungaba, and found that it was really someone so I decided to go with someone I knew.
I really liked that move: The Gods Must Be Crazy.
( I think I will see if it I can watch as many movies as I like now. I have a good excuse).

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^^ Loved the movie. Enjoy it!

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The “I Am Legend” guy will probably even get Covid-19, but so far I’m still negative :)

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I have The Gods on Prime.

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^^ “The Gods on Prime”? Haven’t heard of that. Is it any good?


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My quarantine period ended on Wednesday, Oct 12. I tested negative on Friday Oct 14. And I’m feeling really good. For the entire time I was home I have been wearing arm and leg weights from morning until night. They are not very heavy but they sure give me a workout by the end of the day! Arm weights are 600 grams, 1¼ pound each; Leg weights are 750 grams 1½ pounds each. I consciously avoid hyper-extending or stressing my elbows and knees.
I also have been walking every day – with the weights, of course.
This has definitely made a difference. I need to be able to toss my 35 pound grandson around when I see him in 10 days!

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@LuckyGuy Did you take the Paxlovid?

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@chyna Yes I did. I am over 65 and my Covid was diagnosed almost immediately – 2 days max.

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