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Has anyone else used the Ouija board?

Asked by Hmm (50points) September 20th, 2008

It gives me the creeps..

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Ha. Yeah, once or twice when I was around 12 or 13. One of the typical things to do at sleepovers.

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I have, and it zoomed around. I didn’t see how one could ever tell that the other person wasn’t pushing it. Nothing meaningful ever occurred.

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Well, I used one to scare the hell out of someone, but that’s about it.

A few of my friends thought it would be fun to have a ouija session (I didn’t participate, just watched). Afterward, one of them was so creeped out that she ripped up the board and threw it in the trash. After she went to bed, me and another friend fished it out and half assedly pieced it back together on the floor outside her bedroom door.

Her scream in the morning woke everyone in the house up, but it was priceless. We had a hard time convincing her that it wasn’t the work of some malevolent spirit.

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Haha @MrMeltedCrayon that doesn’t sound like a very nice thing to do.

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Maybe not, but it was worth the bad karma.

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Didn’t we just have this question a few weeks ago?

And am I the only person who used a Ouija board with friends when I was younger, and nothing happened? Neither one of us was enough of a liar to move it, so I guess that’s pretty cool.

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i was at a conference with two coworkers who were into this stuff, and so i did it with them, but i think they were bullshitting. however, i have heard that the ouija board is not something to play games with. i don’t know, i’m skeptical. i believe in ghosts and communicating with the dead, but this? not sure.

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@jca This is real. Strange but real.

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Hmm: what makes you confident it’s real? just curious.

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yeah I tried it a few times but just ended up annoyed, because nothing ever happened. then again what could I expect from some goofy game my mom got me at a yardsale?

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@generalspecific You see it doesn’t have to be this specific kind of board. It can be a board handmade with the alphabet. @jca I know it’s real because i’ve had some scary experiences with the board. You shouldn’t play around with it.

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Hmm. i’m not disbelieving you, and i’m definitely open to this kind of thing, so can you please tell what happened? or can you not?

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I stay far far away from them. Bad joo joo!!

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@jca Okay well one day I was observing my cousin play and he would sort of tease them. Once he said show me a sign and then something caught on fire. Another time books flew off the shelf like in a movie.

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Part of the thing that is essentially flawed with an Ouija Board, is that it is pre-destined to give affirmative answers to almost every question.

This is because the name of the board is from the words OUI (French) and JA (German), both of which mean, YES. So, the board is a Yes-Yes Device, for the most part.

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My friend thought it was a great idea to try one one time on Halloween, but nothing happened in the 2 hours we tried.

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Yes! I was 14, and got hooked into it. I swear to all you flutherites it moved- I swear. And even creepier::: one night a friend and I were playing it and I asked “if you are real, give me a sign”. Minutes after that my wrist was red and it looked like there was fingerprints around it. No lie. After that I threw it away and vowed to never play it again.

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I won’t touch ‘em!

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The parents of the person I was seeing in high school were very Christian and frowned up my use of the Ouija board (for fun!) and incense (it smelled good!) as somehow being Anti-Christian. chuckle

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That horrible thing scared me so much.

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I’ve never experienced anything truly terrifying with the board. I think that it could happen, but probably not EVERY TIME someone uses it, or they wouldn’t sell them so casually. Think of it this way: it’s like reaching into a trash bag, pulling out things and tossing them in the microwave. Nine times out of ten nothing happens. Sometimes you get sparks and burn the house down.

For my part, whenever I used it I tended to notice a lot of dime to quarter-sized balls of light that would flit around when the lights were turned out. I would see these in rooms with blackout curtains, and would not be the only one. My fiance and roommate would see them, too. Typically (for the universe loves to make us look like idiots) we could never get them to record or show up in photos without the WHOLE PICTURE looking like a blurry mess.

There also seemed to be an increase in sightings of Shadow People around this time.

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yes, I’ve used the board a bunch of times. Nothing special ever really occured, although one time it actually did move. I think that my friend was moving it tho to spook us out. It’s odd tho because it’s so hard to tell if someone is physically pushing it or not, but that’s where the mystery behind the board lies!

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Keep that crap away from me, my buddies, and my house.

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Lots of times in elementary school in my parents’ bedroom with my best friend.

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