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Is it possible for a US citizen to buy Ukrainian Hryvnia, UAH, to help boost their economy in a small way?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43220points) October 16th, 2022

Of course there is a chance they will come out of this war even stronger and the UAH will become a powerhouse. But I wouldn’t bet on it. However, I still want to help somehow.
How can I personally invest in their effort – knowing that odds are I will likely lose it all?
Is this even possible?

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I do not want to send cash to some fly by night organization that will likely steal the money. I want to use a large brokerage firm with lots of documentation.

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You can flag this if you think it’s off-topic but I feel a better way to help Ukraine in the short term is to donate to one of the many reputable organizations trying to help them such as International Rescue Committee or Doctors without Borders.

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@LuckyGuy after some brief research, it looks like you can buy Ukranian bonds directly from the government or its authorized agents. I imagine that there are some hoops to jump through, since you’re not a Ukranian citizen, but it appears to be possible.

Ukranian bonds were paying 26% return when I looked.

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Yes it’s possible.

But I think I agree with @janbb. The fastest way to get direct aid into Ukraine is to donate funds or requested items to a relief organization that operates distrbition networks already in-country.

Find an updated list of safe & certified organizations here:

BUT, if you’re committed to make your donation as an economic investment consider Ukrainian War Bonds. They’re legit, managed through international banks, and right now are being offered with 11% interest at maturity.,yields%20on%20the%20secondary%20market.

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Thank you! This is great info. There is no reason to not do both.

Don’t worry! I realize there is a high probably that anything I donate will be gone.

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