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How do journalists report on disturbing news and not get jaded?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) October 17th, 2022

I was just listening to the radio news and they reported on a murder of a baby, then switched to happy news and moved on.

How can they do that without going nuts?

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They do go nuts.

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Like doctors, I have to assume that some anchors are not as empathetic or have a high level of sensitivity. I think it’s on the ground reporters who tend to be more emotional.

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They do get depressed and develop issues. The radio isn’t as bad, but journalists that actually go out into the world have committed suicide over being exposed to the reality of the world.

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I think they do have issues with those types of stories, they are human after all. They have to push it down and move on to try and not be (show) that they are affected by the tragically horrific story. Moving on to a “uplifting story” in hopes that it takes the sting out of the last bad story a little. Their job is to report the news good and bad so even though they may look like robots with no emotion, trust me they are greatly effected, you just don’t normally see it.

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