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What would you do if you had $2,000?

Asked by Kayty (1points) September 20th, 2008

Everyone always says a million, but what if you only had 2,000 and zero payments to be made. What would you do?

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Buy a really great, custom PC

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Put it in savings, for sure. I may not have payments now, but I will. Boring, I know

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I’d share it will all of my friends.

BOTH of them.

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Even bills aside, I’ve got a list of tedious things
I’ve got to take care of before I could justify a really indulgent purchase.
Really boring answer, sorry. But I’d have to line up behind Harp. (Big surprise there.)

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go on a much needed little vacation or get some new clothes.

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Pay some of my mom’s medical bills off, get outta debt. The boring usual I suppose. But if I was feeling capricious I’d probably dip out cross country with a camera and a notebook. That’s be the life. Or at least the week.

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If I didn’t have to pay for my driving lessons (or the theory/practical tests) and I didn’t have to buy any new clothes…I’d probably upgrade my computer and buy a lot of music and maybe a lens for my camera. At the moment, money couldn’t make me happy if it tried ;)

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A bike, then save the rest for a trip to Amsterdam.

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First, I want to be JackAdams friend, then he would have 3 to share with. I would donate some to the local animal shelter, then blow the rest on clothes and shoes because I never have the money to buy those things.

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chyna, I am personally honored by your kind words, but if you become my friend, nobody here can know about it, because then, the same moderators who hate MY guts, would also begin to hate YOURS.

That’s the way things are, in here. Those who like Jack Adams, are hated, like JackAdams.

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Ticket to Iceland or New Zealand.

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Probably put it towards my kids’ college savings accounts. Or a lawn tractor. Or not.

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I feel like $2,000 can’t do very much… I would probably just add it to my checking out and use it as I use the rest of my spending money.

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Set it aside to save for the coming worsening of the depression as part of my emergency stash.

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I am amending my response. A generator. I would like to say that I have suffered through a multi-day power outage for the last time.

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Oh, Jack. So dramatic.
I like you. I don’t think they hate me.

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They will! Wait for it…

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I’d buy a Mac.

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:)...Get 2000 $1 bills, find a tall building, throw them out of the top window/roof

have friends film it

put on youtube

ask “do you like what I did with my $2,000 ? ” on Fluther

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.cause a riot
be arrested
11pm news

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Repay a personal loan in full.

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@Snoopy: The Mobs of people running for the money will block the cops.
The glowing box says so.


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@windex :)

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Pay bills….. OR….. I could buy a sweet new guitar. Hmmmm… Dang all the wants!

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Get some little things fixed around the house. Maybe a couple of new windows.

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If I’m not allowed to save it or pay bills with it?

Probably pick up some furniture – a new couch, some bookshelves.

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Invest in gold.

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