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Steves reality distortion field?

Asked by MrBlogger (382points) September 20th, 2008

I’ve heard several Apple employees say that when they’re around him they seem to agree with everything he says then when away from him the reality distortion field seems to wear off. Is this true? Have you ever met Steve Jobs?

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It’s really very strange. When around Steve you seem to just want to say yes to everything even if you feel very strong about your opinion. Many employees have developed something called Stockholm Syndrome which means to “Fall in love with your capturer” but yet people still say he can be the meanest boss.

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AHA! I knew Steve Jobs was a hypnotist!

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hmm…and less than 18 hours ago, We were told by that Apple employees were not allowed to talk about their jobs. Seems to me, if that’s the case, talking about Jobs would be even more off-limits, especially speaking negatively of him. And yes, I do have close friends that know him. pressing the stop following button now

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I am not revealing any of Apples plans or secrets. I meant they’re not aloud to discuss any secret information. Apple is very strict with that.

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I worked on power supplies that went into the international space station. I signed a crazy NDA for that job.

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I’ve always felt hypnotized when watching Steves presentations. He’s a witch I tell you! A witch!

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I guess it’s more of a suck up thing than a witch thing :P Obviously you’re going to agree with everything a very rich man that make’s great products says. Watch he’s going to design something terrible, everyone’s going to agree, then it’ll be a flop.

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A friend of mine had lunch with Jobs a couple years back, and reports that only about 10% of his charisma comes across in the Macworld and WWDC presentations—he’s got a really strong force of personality and is incredibly persuasive in person.

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@cwilbur Your right. He’s also persuasive on camera. Look where I’m working now. Haha.

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