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How do I overcome my crippling writer's block?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23712points) October 20th, 2022

As you guys might have already known, I have been working on a story set in the American Revolution. But the progress has been stalling these days, and I think I know why. Every time I open up my document to work on it, I cringe so hard. The thing that comes to my mind is “what kind of garbage did I just make?” I’m so insecure about what I’m doing, thinking it’s not good enough to be shown to the public. I really miss feeling the drive to work, but the horrible feeling just overwhelms me whenever I try to work.

How can I get over my writer’s block?

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Bury it for awhile.

It may not be dead, but it’s making you feel that way.

So forget it for now. Write something that’s more immediate, natural and unforced. Poetry, private journal entries, letters to friends, or blog posts if you do that. Keep it light and brief and only do it when you really want to. Writing has to start feeling good again or you’ll never get past what has you blocked.

And one more thing : Whenever you do dig up your old story and take a good look at it, you may still hate it just as much as you do now. That’s okay. Bury it forever if you have to. Because writing something bad doesn’t mean you can never write anything good.

You just have to give yourself a better chance to do your best.

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For several years, I wrote every day. In the end the project came to nothing, but I did stick with it for a time.

When writer’s block barred my progress, I wrote about the writer’s block.

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Nothing. Then go from there.

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@mazingerz88 what do you mean by nothing?

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^^JLoon suggested sensible and practical steps to take and execute. If it still doesn’t help then doing nothing might lead you to discovery of new insight that’s unique to you and one that might work.

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How about go for a walk and have a notebook handy? Maybe sketch out how you want your story to go.

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