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Let's talk about whispering on Fluther.

Asked by girlofscience (7545points) September 20th, 2008

The “whisper” is the one flutherhtml code I have never used. I understand bold and italics and their importance in typed speech, but the whisper? Not so much. Any time I see whispers, I imagine the person cupping their hand to their mouth and saying the whispered words so quietly.

Do you use the whisper, and if so, why? What is meant to be conveyed by the use of the smaller text? Are you always meaning to whisper it?

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I usually use it as a side-note that doesn’t carry equal weight or derails from* the question/answer.

*I feel like this is the wrong preposition? Is a preposition even necessary? (See what I did there?)

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I use it to convey a message to a person without derailing a thread.

@blar :: this might be of some intrest to you.

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When I imagine someone cupping their hands over their mouth, I see them yelling. Whisper mode to me is to be less intrusive of the thread. I don’t really think of it as whispering

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Yes. I use it as an aside, something that does not necessarily pertain to the question; or, something a bit off topic that I want to express to a particular flutherite.

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I use it the same way as others have said, as an aside, as an add-on, if I want to convey whispering, sometimes for humor.

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i use parenthesis. don’t know if it serves the same purpose.

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I use it as an aside as well—what I’m saying has little to do with the thread as a whole, but is in response to a previous comment.

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Nope never used it and never will
Ssshhh, but don’t tell anyone

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When the parenthesis just won’t do.
It’s a combination of whisper, aside, foot note, tangential thought…with a dash of personal aesthetics.

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What nimis said.

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GoS: I think it would be hard to whisper accidently. The typing takes some thought..Does it annoy you or are you simply curious?. I get irrationally bent when someone uses caps, quotation marks, italics and bold in the same phrase. “I CAN’T EVEN FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO ALL FOUR.”

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@gailcalled I just spent the better part of 40 minutes trying to figure out how to nest all four and have no clue. I can get 3, but not the 4th. It appears that the inner operator takes precedence over the outer one, at least when trying to use the strong modifier. The only two I was able to get to work correctly was emphasize with whisper. To get it to work though you have to use the emphasize first and then the whisper.

“YO” italics
“YO” no italics

The textile site only showed one other command that’s available here that isn’t listed and it does no good for most questions asked here. Anywho. Hope it helped.

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tWrex:Thanks for letting your curiosity get the better of you, as I did.But, take a look at what I did. Quotes, Caps and Bold. (Or don’t the caps count?) I was curious only because a few flutherers distract us with their spatter-dash use of Textile on every answer.

I too have wasted too much time on the nesting issue. Outside beckons- the last gasp of summer even tho it is now officially autumn.

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@gailcalled Yeah I get it. Caps count, because it is distracting, even though it’s not textile based. Quotes are also not textile based – I know that it says they are but it’s still just the quotes key on the keyboard, but are equally distracting. (hey you’re close to 10000… Rock on. 9955 right now. Totally sweet.)

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A Fluther whisper doesn’t get your ear all steamy

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I usually whisper when I have a off topic comment or one-liner, to avoid derailing the thread.

I’ll try to embed all four styles
“I am trying to did do it now! See?”

I think there’s a heirarchy of styles.

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@Yetanotheruser: And how long did it take you to do that?

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About ten minutes and about 24 hours to get back to you

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@maybe_KBA Fluther whisper doesn’t get your ear all steamy

It depends who’s doing the whispering…

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