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Can you help me find a music video (from the nineties, I think)

Asked by rebbel (35501points) October 27th, 2022

It’s a video from Mariah Carey.
In it she wears, if I recall correctly, a kind of onesie, I think is what it’s called?
Light brown, furry fabric.
That’s all I have for ya.
And, like I wrote in the question title, I believe it’s from the nineties.

PS. I did search myself but I can’t seem to find it.

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I found this, though I’m not sure it’s what you were thinking of. I guess the name of the video is Honey, but I scanned through and couldn’t find a onesie in it.

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Unfortunately, that’s not the one.
Thanks for trying though, @tinyfaery!

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That is closer to what I had in mind, yet almost three decades later.
Thanks though, @SnipSnip!

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All I Want for Christmas (is you)
Not a onesie though, more of a jumpsuit & it’s red.

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Let’s see.

You remember this from approximately 30 years ago. You must have been 10–15 years old then for the song to make an impression.

30 + 15 = 45 years old NOW.

@rebbel what are you griping about? A 45-year old is expected to have wrinkles

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He’s 53.

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55 even!

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@rebbel A wrinkly old man looking for a woman from 30 years ago in a onesie!

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