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Can you please explain what "lost" means? ( Details inside)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24143points) October 27th, 2022


When a was a young man a Lutheran university minister warned me not to become “lost” from playing D&D and reading fantasy novels from Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms books.

I’ve lost contact with the minister. So I can’t ask him.

He also warned me about spending too much time in the prayer sanctuary? I would spend all night over the summer break as it was air-conditioned and I could be left alone.

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I suspect he meant that you would somehow become non-Christian.

In the white evangelical, fundamentalist church I grew up in, lost means that when you die you’ll go to hell.

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Oh my mother would have freaked if she knew we played D&D. If you open the door, you don’t know what will come through.
Same with death metal, ouija boards and satanic movies.

I’m sure that’s what your pastor meant, just be cautious.

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@Hawaii_Jake Well then it happened. I am lost. I am grateful for it.

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@all I thought that he meant that I would be possessed and my silver cord severed by an astral dreadnought?

Around that time I started to believe that I was traveling through time.

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That pastor needs a chill pill and a cold beer. I see more lost souls in the Trump movement than in some harmless dude playing D&D. But then I have yet to read my copy of the New Conservative Bible, wherein we are told by Christ to render unto Trumpus Caesar what is do unto him, and to turn ye not out the JB Fatwallets from out of the Temple. Gospel of Saint Proudus Boyius of Antioch.

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This is classic religious indoctrination behavior. He’s using emotional language to encourage your obedience. He was trying to make you afraid of playing D&D lest it lure you from your community and salvation.

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