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Do you feel that people can get to easily jealous of a spouse or a significant other too easily at times?

Asked by Nomore_Tantrums (4451points) October 30th, 2022

Details below. My wife got miffed a few weeks back, when we had a date night in weekend sans grandchildren. I ran into a lady I worked with years ago, and she wanted a dance with me. The wife was making remarks on our way home, along the ones of That wasn’t a dance, it was a hug fest. And, Do you think she was showing enough boob with that blouse? Never again lol. Think we’ll stick to movies and restaurants for a night out from now on.

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Maybe – but “too easily” is a personally relative term.

I’m bi and single, but have a long term relationship with a female partner that we’ve agreed is flexible. BUT, more than once I’ve seen her react with jealousy and genuine hurt when I’ve been intimate with someone else.

Not exactly like your own situation, but I think whatever the arrangement the longer people’s lives are connected the more expectations are involved. For me it seems like sex, love, insecurity, and trust collide all the time. It’s how you fix the damage that matters most.

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Well luckily there was no damage, I just never knew her to act like that before. No more dance clubs for us. Have to stick to crummy movies and greasy spoon restaurants. : )

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@Nomore_Tantrums – I think she likes you.

Could be worse… ;-)

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I hope she does we’ve been we’ve married 42 years lol..Long time stay with a guy she doesn’t like.

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